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Hired and contracted for either combat and war, or bounty hunting, or assassination.


Mercenary Companies are elite organizations of warriors that work for a contracted client so as to earn pay for achieving a goal. They are various and usually each has a special skill set. 


In the aftermath of the creation of Republic City, surprisingly cities hired companies to enforce their sovereignty, rebellion or other political stance. In this rising tension, more warriors joined mercenary groups, especially veterans of the Hundred Year War now left without work.  

Company-sized groups of mercenaries continued to thrive and vary their skillsets. Companies like the Desert Winds, were sandbenders who hired their services in order to bring revenue back into the arid deserts they called home. Others, like the notorious Spirits, specialized in assassinations and used Ba Sing Se as their lair.  

The company that truly changed the status of mercenaries was The Seasons. Formed by a former member of the Triple Threat Triads, earthbender Vurmaq decided to adapt the gang's skill concept to mercenaries and formed a company that recruited anyone with exceptional skills regardless of bending style or whether they were a bender or not. The Seasons touted having a master of every skill of combat, though the Air Nomads disputed them having an airbender.  


Due to the nature of their work, mercenaries inherently work outside the law. The only legal facet of their profession is bounty hunting. And they use it as an official front when in industrialized locations such as Capital City, Republic City, and Ba Sing Se.  Bounty Hunting is the most common work the companies carry out during peace times and keeps the members' skills sharp. Border disputes and battles are the common work of wartime and the most profitable for the company. The most dangerous and illegal facet is assassinations; only a few companies like the Desert Winds and the Spirits have expertise in it.   

List of Companies

There are various companies, with many skillsets. Some focus specifically on one power such as the Desert Winds that are exclusively Sandbenders. Others are varied like the non-bending Spirits and the Seasons.

The Seasons: The Seasons are the largest company of mercenaries in the world and the most varied of them.
Triple Threats bully Chung

The founder of the Seasons was a former member of the Triple Threat Triads of Republic City.

There are over a thousand members, as well as a reserve. A rumor exists that the company has a secret airbender in their ranks. The Seasons have never betrayed a contract and so are considered the most trustworthy of them. The Seasons were founded by Vurmaq, an earthebnder from Republic City and a former Triple Threat Triad, until he fled the Triad War.

The Wolves: Formed by the She-Wolf, Ralyn. She had been a member of the Seasons but decided to break off to make an exclusively waterbending company. Each member of the Wolves learns bloodbending and must tame a wild animal to make it an asset. Most have wolves from the North Pole but some have even Boar-q-pines. The Wolves, like the Seasons, have never betrayed a contract.  

Blue Spirit

The Blue Spirit was the inspiration for this mercenary company and adopted his tactics.

The Spirits: The Spirits were formed from two sources of inspiration, the most recent being the Equalists. Having been disgraced with the fall of Amon, they were dejected and broken. The other source was the mystery of the Blue Spirit of the Hundred Year War. Combined, they formed a company that excelled at deception and stealth. All members are nonbenders. Full-fledge members have trained in unique fighting ways while all know chi blocking; they also name themselves, Such as their leader is the Spirit of Revenge. The Spirits are based in Ba Sing Se. The Spirits are the second largest company with a thousand members and have the most notorious reputation. The Spirits work for the highest payer, and will break contract to get more profit. They are highly skilled in assassination, guerrilla warfare, and ambushing their enemies as opposed to outright combat.  
Equalists attack

The stealthy and fast chi blockers of the Equalists were the other source of creation to the Spirits.

Sandbender Tribe

The hardened sandbenders of Si Wong Desert were eager to bring wealth back to their arid homeland.

The Desert Winds: The Desert Winds are one of the oldest companies alive, with over three hundred elite and hardened sandbenders. They work from Si Wong Rock and bring all their profits back into the desert to build up their homes, which is how they keep the tribes from expelling them from the holy site of Si Wong Rock. Erenti is the commander of the company. 

While these are the most known, there are various companies across the world, each with its own skills and loyalties. Most of the others hail from a region or country and they always bring their profits back to this land. 

  • The Gaol Mantis: Gaoling is home to the Gaol Mantis. A group of earthbenders who are viewed as an elite and wealthy group that will never accept a contract against their home city.
  • The Caldera Sages: A group of mercenaries hailing from Capital City in the Fire Nation.
  • The Sunstone Ancients: A group of Firebenders who originate from the Sun Warriors, they have left their homelands for more. They use their enlightened firebending to prove they are indeed a powerful group. While they are secretive of their origins, the Ancients send most of their profits back home to rebuild their fallen society.
  • The Searchers: A group that deals primarily in bounty hunting and has a very official front in Republic City. Some members are former metalbender police. Because of the term 'Searcher' being applied to every member, civilians have mistakenly called mercenaries in general 'Searchers'. 


  • As of 319 AG, almost all the companies have been hired by the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, greatly augmenting their large forces.
  • The Wolves are the only company to have more than two bloodbender in their ranks.
  • The Seasons are the most feared for their far reach and great numbers.
  • The Spirits have a deep hold in Ba Sing Se.
  • Some say the Seasons mock the Order of the White Lotus and their message because they both tout to represent the world but one is specifically bred for war. 
    White Lotus sentries bending

    The Order of the White Lotus is one of three organizations to have such diversity. The others being the Seasons and the United Forces.

  • The Desert Winds are inspired by the Fremen from the Dune series, an amazing sci-fi.
  • The majority of society looks on or considers mercenaries as criminals. Republic City and Ba Sing Se have the strictest laws against them, outlawing their trade in the city, but they persist. This is fueled by the fact that the companies will hire criminals.

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