By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: The Revision continuity.
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Makapu Village



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Aang, Katara, Sokka, Aunt Wu, Vulkan



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"(A:TR) Ep.7: Banished Prince"

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"(A:TR) Ep.9: The Volcano"

Meng is a young girl from Makapu whom who meets Team Avatar when they arrive in her village. She is Aunt Wu's little assistant when it comes to Wu's fortune telling.


Meng is a sweet girl overall, but she is a bit cowardly when it comes to facing bad people, this include the Fire Nation especially. She is pretty good at helping others, but her fear can spill information to the wrong people. Meng is also pretty independent, as shown with her first appearance.


Book 1: Water

Meng first appears after Zuko arrived in the fishing village, where she was buying bread for Makapu. She saw him nearly scorching the earthbenders and she immediately shouted for him to not hurt them, although scared a ton. Meng bowed to Zuko so she wouldn't get hurt. Zuko told her that he would leave everyone else alone if someone told him where the Avatar was. It turned out she did see Appa and told Zuko where the bison went, not sure if it helped him or not. She was slightly relieved when they did decide to head that way.

She appeared days later, back in her village, inside Aunt Wu's fortune salon. It was here where she met Aang and Katara, offering them her bread. She told them where the bread was from and how long it took even on an ostrich horse, but didn't say her experience with Zuko while she was there.

After listening to Sokka rambling on about the volcano, Meng looked over at the mountain and decided to follow, a bit worried about the volcano. After eventually finding Sokka, she sat down beside him and asked if he was okay. Sokka explained everything to her, but when he got to the part when Aunt Wu was always right, Meng actually disagreed, saying that Aunt Wu made a prediction for her before she left to get some bread, and explained how she met the Fire Nation, which denied Aunt Wu's prediction. After that was explained, both she and Sokka went on back to the village to warn everyone.

When they got there and started the warning, no one believed them. Meng tried explaining to them until Vulkan appeared and explained. But when the eruption actually occurred, Meng suddenly realized that Aunt Wu's lemur was still trapped in its cage. Her fear held her back, but it wasn't enough and she ran in to save him. As she tried to get the lemur, she ended up trapped under some collapsed lumber! The lemur escaped, but Meng was stuck. Sokka rushed back and got her out, but her leg was injured. She and Sokka were just about to die until Vulkan saved them both by shielding them from the lava. She was brought back the next day just fine and she was reunited with her friends. She gladly thanked Vulkan and asked for his name just before Vulkan left.


  • Compared to the original storyline, Meng was given a much bigger role in this version, as she appears in 3 episodes rather than just the 1.
  • Meng also isn't in love with Aang the first moment she saw him, unlike the original.
  • Meng was the first known character to meet Zuko upon his arrival to the Earth Kingdom.

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