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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple


Book1: Arrival



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May 26, 2012

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Ganto sighed.He hated that he has to stay in hospital. He loves to be free,but now he can't move and he has to sleep all day in a bed. Nurse walked into his room. Good morning She smiled.

Morning.... Ganto was upset.

Is everything alright? She asked a bit worried.

Yes,I'm fine! He answered.

Alright... Listen, I'm sorry you have to stay here, but you got hurt badly and you have amnesia!

Ganto sighed. I just love to be free and go where ever wind takes me, now I'm trapped in here.

Nurse sat on chair near table. You will have to stay here till you get better, alright?

Fine...... He answered.

Suddenly Pedro flew in the room trough window, he landed near Ganto.

H-hey..Little lemur He said a bit confused.

Pedro looked at him in confusion.Then touched his head.

Suddenly Ganto had flashback. He saw his childhood with Pedro and Ropa. He remembered almost everything they have went trough.

Ganto gasped.

Is everything alright? Nurse asked him.

Y-yes..I guess... So....

Are you sure? She asked.

Yes,I'm fine. He answered.

Suddenly Lin came in.Hello Ganto.

Hey,Lin...He said.

How are you doing today? She asked.

Fine Ganto was a bit upset.I forgot to ask you Lin....W-who attacked me?

Lin sighed and she was a bit mad.Equalists.


They're against bending,i just don't understand why did they attack you?And why did you leave the temple?

No one said I can't!And....I had a weird feeling some one is following me.

Ganto,this is why I didn't want you to come here.She said.

Ganto sighed.I understand now,this city is falling apart...

It's not,at least not now.I an my metalbenders are going to take care of him.Serous tone.

How...? He asked.

We will.

I don't doubt that,juts...It's hard to win them.

They're chi-blocking don't work on us,we have metal armor.

I see....

Lin looked at the clock.I have to go now,but I'll visit you later


Lin walked out.

Two weeks later,Ganto was still in hospital.He was sleeping peacefully.

Nurse came in.Uhh...Ganto?

Ganto woke up.Uhh..W-what?

Today you can leave She said.

I can?!Ganto got up.Whoo-Hoo!!!!

Nurse didn't say anything at all.

I'm so happy! He airbend him self out of the bed,grabbed his staff an ran out of the room as fast as possible.He ran out of the hospital and jumped high in the air making 2 frontflips.This is the best day of my life!

Some people looked at him.Weirdo.....

Ganto land on ground,transforms his staff into glider and jumps high in the air.Glides around the city.Suddenly ganto had the flashback about the attack,then he snapped out of it.

AAGGGHH!!! Ganto almost glided into a house,but managed to avoid.Phew....

I guess I live in there....*He looked at Air Temple Island.At least it does look like a temple on island... Ganto flew towards the Air Temple Island.

Ganto flew towards the temple,he landed on ground near the entrance,he had flashback and saw this temple and those days he spend here and also some parts of his airbending training in Northern Air Temple.

Wow.... Ganto walked into the temple.

As Ikki and Meelo saw Ganto walking in they smiles happy.Meelo airbend him self on Ganto's head,Ikki jumped at Ganto and Hugged his leg.Ganto!

Ganto had flashback and remembered some stuff about them.He giggled.Hey Ikki,Mello.

We missed you so much!They said.

i missed you too He smiled. Then Meelo looked at Ganto's head curiously,then opens his mouth as wide as possible and start biting Ganto's head.

Ganto pouts and sighs,then turns to Ikki.What happened in here while I was gone?

Nothing much,Korra is just training with my dad.

I see...

Can you play with us,please? She made puppy eyes.

Ganto laughed.Sure,why not?

Yay! She smile.

Ikki let Ganto's leg go and they went outside to play.

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