Melting Ice
Melting Ice
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The Northern Aurora

They are back from the battle. They rested first. They felt cold. This is Oma's first sleep here. With the breeze of the north. Oma loved it. The next morning, the sun rises. Kyon and Palloe woke up because they are used to it. But Oma keep snoring and snoring which is very annoying. Palloe and Kyon woke Oma up using their waterbending. Oma screamed. It's cold water of course.

"Hey, what was that for?" Oma asked.


"Gohho is really weak," Oma said weakly, "I just woke up..."

"So? Yup..." Kyon and Palloe agreed.

"I never understand what are you talking about... It's so cold here! I should change my clothes into my metal clothes!" Oma said. She creates a cave. Palloe and Kyon looked at Oma awkwardly.

"Er... okay..." Palloe said. Oma changed her clothes. "She is strange... She will change her clothes into a metal clothes!! And naked!!"

"Seriously dude... Seriously?" Kyon asked. Palloe looked at Kyon. His attention is not on Kyon but on Oma.

"That's better!" Oma said, "Why is the heat coming to my metal clothes?"

"She looks awesome with those metal clothes!!" Palloe exclaimed.

"And she says that it is better! Wait... Heat? Volcano!!" Kyon shouted.

"What!?" Oma asked. The trio looked at the mountains and they knew what it meant.

"Yes, Oma," A man said.

"SHU?" Oma asked, "Want to have a rematch?"

"I make the volcano to produce lava..." Shu explained, "Go and try to stop it before this city melts!"

"HEAHH!!" Oma yelled.

"I'll go!" Shu yelled.

"You better! And I should change my clothes," Oma said. Shu left. While Oma is changing her clothes again. Palloe and Kyon looked at each other's face. She looked at Oma with the normal clothes.

"It's freezing!!" Oma shouted. She hurried off and go to the volcano. While Kyon and Palloe talked about her.

"She's strange," Palloe said.

"She does..." Kyon agreed. And they finally went to the volcano. They went using their own bending. Oma used earthbending while Palloe and Kyon used waterbending. They soon arrived. Palloe noticed something first.

"There! The volcano is erupting!!" Palloe screamed.

"Be careful!" Kyon warned.

Oma's Seismic Sense Volcano

Oma using her seismic sense to stop the lava.

"Of course I will!!" Palloe yelled.

"SHH!! Step back..." Oma ordered, "Heahh!!!" She used her seismic sense.

"What is she doing?" Kyon asked.

"I don't know..." Palloe said. They looked at each other's face again in an awkward face.

"Got it!" Oma said, "You two please bend as much as water inside this..." Oma points a hot solid.

"Okay!!" They said.

"What will you do?" Palloe asked.

"I will let the lava go into the water. And by the way, make a big lake..." Oma ordered.

"Got it!" Palloe said.

They worked together. The volcano stopped erupting but Shu appeared.

"Hello," Shu said.

"Shu!!" Oma shouted.

"Well, you stopped the lava didn't you?" Shu asked.

"Oh I'll beat you up!!!" Oma shouted.

"Come and get it..." Shu said while taking a knife.

"Oma, stop!!" Palloe screamed, "HEAAHH!!"

"Eghh..." Shu said in pain.

"Now you, Shu... You will be sorry for what you did! And the necklace is mine... Oops," Oma said, "Now it's time for you to take the consequences... You will freeze in this water... Someone will you up if you're lucky enough... I hope."

"Heaah!!" Kyon and Palloe yelled.

"AHH!!!" Shu yelled. The three looked at him freezing. Oma laughed and so Palloe and Kyon. They teased Shu and calling him Shupid same what Oma said to Shu's mother.

"That will be fine..." Oma said.

"Every time if the volcano erupts, we called it the Melting Ice..." Palloe explained. Oma looked at him.

"The ice melts!" Oma said.

"You don't say..." Kyon said. They both looked at Kyon. "What?" Kyon asked. They are keep staring...

"What kind of language is that?" Oma asked.

"You two are annoying..." Kyon said.

"No I AM NOT!!" Oma yelled.

"Okay, okay..." Kyon said.

"Oh forget it!!" Oma yelled. They looked at the mountains again smiling that they accomplished something.

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