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The Witch


Earth Kingdom

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Weapon of choice

Storm Flower, Magic


Melas (father), Elasa (ancestor)

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Avatar Tiros


Melas, Tiros, Huam

Melasa is a half human, half Nifrin individual who lived at the time of Avatar Tiros. She was one of the few individuals to have an Ish Kash Ghost Sword.


Melasa was born in the Earth Kingdom to a single mother. She was unique in that she had red hair. As she was growing up, she was 'special'. However, it was eventually discovered that she was not an earthbender and that her abilities were something else entirely.

When this was discovered, she was abandoned by her mother and the village treated the child as an outcast. It was in this desperate time that her father found her, revealing their origins. He raised and trained her out of guilt for her exile.

Melasa lived a nomadic life after her father passed away. She was entrusted with her father's sword, the Storm Flower. She has recently discovered the identity of the Avatar and fears she will be the next victim of the Witch Purge and decides to take action.

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Melasa's attack on the Avatar.

Aware that she stands no chance against a fully realized Avatar, she decided to attack the young Avatar Tiros while he was still in training. Her assassination failed as Tiros proved to be a very powerful warrior with only two elements.

Captured by her kind's sworn enemy, she was taken to the Avatar's master, Izusim, who knew what she was and the implications of her survival. Tiros refused to kill her and his master refused to let her go free. Showing that he knew more than she realized, Izusim bound Melasa by spell to serve and protect Tiros with her life.

Personality and Traits

Melasa is a cold individual. She shows little emotion and less trust to people. This makes her hard to approach. Melasa is unique for her red hair, and is considered exotically beautiful but still puts a cold exterior out to the public. Melasa seems to think people don't like her, as she will immediately apologize and depart when people address her. Melasa does not take criticism very well, this makes her react disproportionally to things said to her, even if they are for her own benefit. Melasa would count as a Tsundere in anime personalities.


  • Melasa was originally going to be Melas, but an 'a' was added to make it more feminine. Melas is Salem backwards.
  • Melasa is largely inspired by Misuzu from 11eyes. She accidentally has traits in common with Melisandre of A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Melasa is further unique because of her red hair.
  • Melasa is meant to be a contrast from Lenet, an evil witch while Melasa is not.
  • Melasa is not her actual name, she changed it in honor of her late father, and abandoned her birth name, scorning its connection to her childhood, a traumatic experience for her.

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