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Melasa, Huam

Melas was a Nifrin survivor of the witch purges. He lived in the Southern Earth Kingdom. He was the father of Melasa, whom he fathered with a human woman.


Melas was a Nifrin witch who had evaded Avatars during the witch hunts conducted after the Storm Grave. Melas also carried a special weapon, the Storm Flower, which he treasured.

Traveling north to avoid the Avatar, he befriended and trained a young swordsman named Huam, that had a mysterious Ish Kash. Both became lifelong friends and were aware of each other's secrets.

At some point in later life, Melas stayed at a small village and had a brief romance with a woman, who became pregnant, though he had left before learning of it. It was years later that he heard rumors from the village of a child who had his features and was on the streets.

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Melas trained his hybrid daughter in his ways.

Melas found the child and took her, realizing it was his daughter. He trained her in his people's ways. He spent the last years of his life giving all his knowledge to his daughter and left his sword with her. She named herself Melasa in honor of him when he passed.


Melas was a full Nifrin and so had powers of a full witch. Melas, like his daughter, practiced Wind Magic. This made him incredibly stealthy and quick.

Melas was a master swordsman, who wielded one of the few Ish Kash, the Storm Flower.


  • Melas is already dead by the point of Dreams of Melasa.
  • Melas is 'Salem' spelled backward.
  • Melasa named herself in honor of her father, abandoning her birth name.

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