By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
""But remember...when you've got rid of these tyrants. Do not come to resemble man in any way. We animals are brothers. Large or small. Clever or simple. Fur or feathers. Now and forever...all animals are equal!""
— His final words of wisdom to the animals of Limber Farm.
Hippo cow
Biographical information

"Old Mel"


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Limber farm


Old age (Ch.1)

Physical description


Personal information

Tyler, Red, Crow, Spike, Henry, Horn, etc.


Mr. Limber

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Fauna Ch.1

Last appearance

Fauna Ch.1

Mel is the largest and oldest animal on Limber farm. He is a rather large animal, among the largest of the hippo cows. He had been around limber farm since its creation years before the story begins, and watched as the farming village grew in both progression and animals. However, when the "Evil days" started, The old hippo cow was starting to finally see what cruelty the humans do to them, especially from Mr. Limber himself.

Fauna involvement

As far as overall plot goes for the story, he played a small yet important role in it. He called upon a first time meeting in the old barn, calling all the animals in. As soon as they all came in, he began to explain all of the crimes humans had done to the animals of Limber farm, which included theft, murder, and lack of compassion towards them. He also puts in that even if the evil days end and the farm becomes prosperous, they will never get their rightful share. He goes on to encourage the animals to overthrow the humans on the farm and only them will they be free. He continues on with a memorable song to signify the rebellion he single handedly started. But sadly afterwards, he suddenly falls forward and dies in front of everyone. His spirit traveled to the Spirit World.


  • Mel is the first and only animal to officially talk in Chapter one.

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