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Mel is a teenage Golden Retriever dog whom was rescued by Katara when he, Weed, Kyoushiro, and Nobutora got lost in a winter storm. He maybe the smallest of the dog group, but he makes up for his hunting skills.

Like the other dogs, he waited a while and gained the team's trust before he got to talk, and now he can basically speak to everyone without any real trouble.

Lost Arc

Like Weed, he started off with no lines, as a side character for the beginning.

He woke up in the Altonia with Weed and Nobutora after they were thrown in the thin ice. He was looking around and asks Weed where the heck they were but he got his answer when he looked out upon the Plains. After looking off for awhile, he then suggests for them to go into the plain and they started looking for their friends.

Mel and his friends hung around the Aptonoth herd for awhile but as they were, a Lightning Wolf appeared and ran over him trying to get to the herd. Nobutora and Weed managed to help him just before the Lightning Wolf got to them, and they caught up with the herd.

After being driven away, while they were going through a canyon, Mel was getting the same feeling of being watched like Nobutora was feeling. But he started to lag behind Nobu and Weed and avoided Falling down the slope. He raced down the path in panic as he could only watch as the Uragaan trampled Nobutora in front of him.

He went down later on after the herd passed and tried to find his friends. He couldn't find Weed but only found a tuff of fit from Nobutora. He felt terrible that he couldn't do anything aO he got the due and walked away.

Mel continued wandering around until he ends up being ran into by Kyoushiro and ends up going with him to help Raven. For most of the time though he kept asking what was the white dogs deal, but Kyoushiro's explaining got him less answers and more questions when they arrived to where Kyoushiro thinks Raven went. He went inside the place with his friend and was told to look in one of the rooms. It's not exactly said what he said but whatever it was it scared the daylights out of him and got him to stay with Kyoushiro for the rest of the time. When they got in one room though, he and Kyoushiro ended up passing out from a strange flare.

Poor Mel woke up in a strange room with Kyoushiro. They tried going through the first time but he ended getting scared by Lucy most of the time and was driven back. After that he didn't do anything much except get scared when Althea found them.

The retriever, after finding Raven, had agreed to go to the Starlight Fighting Championship with his friends and the Diclonius.

Mel arrived with his friends to the area where the championships taking place. He raced ahead of the others excited but ended up running into Delath. He apologizes and finally finds his old friend with Arriety.

S.F.C Arc

Mel throughout the time Terra was doing her fights, he was trying to think things over. He kept trying to figure on who was responsible for getting them into Altonia, and feeling how sad Appa must be back home when Weed got him back to see Terra's fight with Sheik. It didn't stop his thoughts though afterwards, trying to get some sort of clue on the deal.

During the whole Raviente attack, he, Starfire and Sokka went to escort the other fighters to safety. After that they themselves were escorted to the portal that took them to safety.

Colossi Arc

After arriving to the SOTC world, Mel began feelin very bad for not telling what had happened to Nobutora. So when Xerneas finally began to go look for him, he reviled the truth. 

After talking to Xerneas, Mel went off on his way too fight his colossi. On his way he met another colossi, a shy one named Exercitus, whom he had gotten a chakra orb from even though he never knew he had to. After that he managed to find Barba, and defeated him with Yamato's help. He finally got his ultimate form after that, making him part cyborg with a tracking device.

Final Arc

After going through a horrifying nightmare, Mel goes up on deck with the others when he sees and nearly gets hypnotized by the sirens. but thanks to some basic thinking and Kyoushiro, they all managed to survive.

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