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By MateyY Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Mel continuity.
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Warning! This page contains spoilers for the released chapters of Avatar: The Legend of Mel.

Mel (ATLoM)
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Earth Kingdom



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Air, Earth, Fire, Water

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Airbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Waterbending, Heatbending, lightning generation


Hope, Avatar Yangchen, Avatar Aang


The Fire Mistress

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Chapter 1: Yangchen's Death

Mel was the protagonist of Avatar: The Legend of Mel. He made his first appearance in Chapter 1: Yangchen's Death.


Mel was the Avatar that succeeded Avatar Korra. He was born in an Earth Kingdom family who could track their ancestry to Toph Beifong. Mel lost his parents at an early age. He was later told that he was the Avatar. On his journey to save the world from the vicious Fire Mistress, he learned that the Avatar State had been closed by the Avatars.In his despair, he contacted one of his past lives — Avatar Yangchen. Even though against the newly in-forced rules, Yangchen answered. Mel requested her to open the Avatar State, but Yangchen refused, knowing that all the Avatars would have to agree on that matter. Mel went on to learn more about Yangchen's death — she had died protecting the Avatar.

In his despair, Mel stated that the world is in a very different position and that it will destroy itself, if he doesn't do something very soon. Yangchen still stood firm on the fact that she could not unlock the Avatar State. But when she saw Mel's confusion, she decided to guide him to a heatbending master — Azula. She deliberately did not tell him to whom she was guiding him, but Mel follows the map he was given by her.

On his way to the Southern Air Temple, the location stated on the map, Mel ran into an old Fire Navy ship. He ordered his crew to interrogate the ship and then sink it, but he was disobeyed. He was forced to waterbend at the person who was heading his way.

After the unknown man woke up, Mel went to talk to them. The person turned out to be a woman named Hope. Mel and Hope decided to travel together to find the heatbending master.

After landing, Hope and Mel traveled for two days until they arrive at the stated location. There they find out the true identity of the heatbending teacher, and that she was not completely mentally stable.

After the first training session Mel and Hope have a break at the near mountaintop until they were interrupted by a thunderstorm. The next two days they trained and on the end of the third day, they revisited the mountaintop and shared a romantic kiss.

That very night, after Hope escaped and tried to kill the Fire Mistress, Mel entered the Avatar State and saved the life of the severely injured Hope.

After a few weeks of travel and a few attempts on his life, Hope finally revealed to Mel her deepest secret - she was the daughter of Zu Yang.


Mel is a brave, strong, but disappointed person. Life has thrown many misfortunes his way. But he will do anything to help save the world.


  • Mel is Toph's grandson.

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