By Gingalover Part of the Era After Gods continuity.
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Spirit World

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Spirit Empire




210 AG

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Batu, Fukuro, Akira, Okui

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First appearance

Ep.1: Dawn of a Tale

Mejiro (目白) is an albino human, born in the Spirit Empire, a kingdom created within the Spirit World during Vaatu's reign of terror.


Mejiro is usually quiet for the most part, often not having much to say to others unless it's very important. Since he was born in the Spirit World, he holds a higher respect towards spirits than others outside of the Spirit World. He doesn't like getting bullied over who he is, from either being albino or being connected with spirits as much as he does. However, he will stand up for others if he sees them in a similar situation. Being an albino, Mejiro gets heated very easily and doesn't enjoy the sun in the real world all that much.

He takes some time to trust others, but once he'd gained enough trust with someone, he's much more open and even cheerful towards his friends.


Spirit connection

Mejiro is capable of seeing and interacting with spirits in the physical world. This ability is very rare, and the few times it does appear, it's only to elders who had found inner peace in their lives, a quality Mejiro doesn't obtain.


  • Mejiro doesn't enjoy sweets all that much, claiming it tastes 'very odd on his tongue'. Despite that, he has a deep love for egg custard tarts.
  • Because of his appearance and dislike of light, children often assume him to be a real life vampire. Sometimes, he acts it out so they leave him alone.
  • He, alongside Zuzu, is the only albino character in Era After Gods.

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