By Skybender101 Part of the Legend of Mei Lien continuity.
Mei Lien
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Earth Kingdom


15 (turned 16 in 10th chapter)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


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Lanying, Gao

Chronological and political information

Traveler with mother

Mei Lien is the main character of the fanon Legend of Mei Lien, written by Skybender101. Mei Lien is a fifteen-year-old Earthbender girl. She is head-strong, courageous and calm.


Mei Lien was born 150 years before the Unnamed fire Avatar was born. She was born in a village with her mother and father. Her father died because of a fatal illness and she and her mother lost everything they owned.

Her father, Gao, was the only adult in the family who had a job and brought home the money. Her mother could not afford to pay for their house and belongings, so they had to leave their village and travel to Ba Sing Se (where Lanying hoped to find a good paying job).

Appearance and Traits

Mei Lien has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Her looks resemble a lot like Jin. Mei Lien wears a traditional Earth Kingdom girl outfit which is torn and dirty after months of travel.

Mei Lien is very kind and helpful. She is curious and is always excited to explore new places. Mei Lien is also bold and brave and she can defend herself in many situations. She sometimes can be hot-headed and believes that she is not afraid of anything. She cares deeply for her mother and will do anything to help her.


Aside from being an Earthbender, Mei Lien has a lot of other abilities.

She is a superb fisher. Mei Lien can target fishes and capture them quickly. The Earthbender can also hunt. By only using a bow and an arrow, Mei Lien can spot animals and kill them easily, after months of practice. Her mother, Lanying, also taught her the ways of hunting.

Mei Lien can also cook, write, and even read. Lanying taught Mei Lien to read and write.


Mei Lien is also a very skillful Earthbender. She makes up moves, while she practices her Earthbending. A move she made up is the "Earth Slice". Mei Lien is very aggressive when she practices her Earthbending moves. It helps relieve all of her worries.

Mei Lien does not realize how talented of an Earthbender she really is.

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