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Avatar Mei
Avatar Mei/Rescue
Biographical information

Fire Nation Capital, Fire Nation


Fire Nation




Wang (As Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Bending
  • Rescue armor

The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, War Machine, Shiva, Fire Nation


Green Goblin, Mr. Lemur, A.I.M, Mandarin, Doctor Doom

Chronological and political information
  • Princess of Fire Nation
  • The Avatar
  • The Avengers
  • Fire Nation Royal Family
First appearance

Iron Man is Born

Mei is the Avatar who was born in the Fire Nation after the previous Avatar, named Wang, was dead.


359 AG

The Journey Begins

After discovering that she is the new Avatar, Mei began her journey around the world to learn to use all four elements. At first she has to go to the Western Air Temple to practice her airbending. Initially she's not very good at this, but two weeks after that, she became an airbending master that was more powerful than her teacher. Next, she has go to the Southern Water Tribe to practice her waterbending. Harder than airbending, she had to use it for two and a half months to successfully learn waterbending but soon completed it. She became the great waterbending master like the teacher who taught her. Now she has go to Earth Kingdom to learn earthbending. She goes to meet the Beifong family, who are the great earthbenders. Unlike other two, she can use earthbending so very easy and not for long. She's completed her earthbending and should she have enough time, she'll learn the metalbending from them and successful her journey and become full Avatar.

Meet Iron Man and Spider-Man

She was walking with her sister in the garden during the night and talking about what teenage girls normally talk about "especially about boys and love interests". Then, Mr. Lemur jumps down from the roof of the Fire Nation Royal Palace and stands behind them. He uses Concussive Croak at them and they both float out and fall on the ground. The Green Goblin appears in front of them. He grabs Mei at her neck and throw her into the pool and only spares her life because she is the Avatar, but they show no mercy for her older sister. They used air punch, air kick or even air bomb on Karai and then, Iron Man and Spider-Man arrive and fight Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur and defeated them. They both run carrying the two girls. At this moment, Karai and Mei ultimately fall in love with both of them. While they're thanking each others. Green Goblin call his glider and get him and Mr. Lemur out from the palace.

360 AG

Operation: Escape from the Vault!

When the prisoners of the Vault are broke out, she along with Iron Man, Spider-Man and Hulk go to the Vault to stop them but failed. So they all gather them up as team and she name it Avengers.

Goblin Strike!

After got the news about the Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur from S.H.I.E.L.D, she and the Avengers go to Fire Nation bazaar to stop them but end up nearly get killed by them but because helped of Black Widow and Hawkeye, they escape out from their dead.


She has two personalities in herself. When she's calm, she will be a very nice and lovely girl but easy to get angry and when she gets angry, she will turn to be headstrong and fierce girl.




Fire is her first element that she controls because the was born as Princess of Fire Nation. She also can use lightning generation too.
Avatar Mei without armor

Avatar Mei without armor using firebending


Air is her next element from fire that she controls, but it took two weeks for her to control and bend air.


Water is her hardest element to control because it is opposite of her element, fire. It's took her two and a half months for her to control and bend it.


Earth is her last element and unlike air and water. She can use it very easily and she also learns to use metalbending too.

Rescue armor

Even from her bending, she is the first Avatar who has an armor suit. The Rescue armor gives her super-strength, laser gloves to shooting and boot jets that can make her fly.


  • She is the first Avatar who has High Tech armor suit.
  • She is the first Avatar who can use Lightning generation and Metalbending.

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