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Meetings and Greetings

(Under Avatar Roku's Cave)

After he got out of the lab Kenichi let go of the arm of a confused Kaida.

"We need to get to the city soon." he said in a hurried tone.

"Why?" Kaida asked in a quickened walk compared to her odd hosts pace.

"Trust me, in all my life only three women completely terrify me. And Hisoka is one of those those three people.

"Wow they must be extremely powerful." she thought to herself as she quickened her pace.

"We won't have to run any longer." Kenichi said stopping and looking around the forest as if for an item or person.

"Why?" Kaida asked again finding that this man had few consistent actions.

"I have a transport now." he said looking through the pockets in his clothes."Did I leave it in the boat?....No I would have seen it with the Sake then." he scratched his head until he got a look on his face that seemed to be of realization. "Ah ha!!!" he exaggerated as he took off his hat and pulled out a whistle.

"Another Sky bison?" Kaida asked.

"Nope, but I think you'll enjoy this transport just as well" Kenichi said with a grin. He instantly blew into a whistle that made an actual sound unlike a bison whistle.

Kaida then noticed the whistle wasn't metal but wood and poorly carved in the shape of a "DRAGON?!?" Kaida half answered half questioned.

Her only answer was a large shadow passing over them both. and it abruptly made a U-turn and was heading straight on a collision coarse for Kaida.

Kaida saw the creature now it was a shimmering black dragon it was like her mother had described to her, whiskers sleek yet unyielding, the face overpoweringly intimidating. And the wings were off they were rather small. Even though these features were all surprising to say the least the animal was still flying towards Kaida.

The dragon approached closer and closer as it was right next to Kaida it stopped. The dragon stared into Kaida's eye's and roared spewing light sparks and some molten saliva at Kaida.

After the roar was finished Kaida's usual flowing hair style was sticking backwards.

Kaida took a second to take the situation in, and did something that scared the hell out of the dragon. The look on her face started as a screams would a deep inhale, but in the end she didn't scream she let out a breath of fire straight into the dragon's face while emitting a mocking roar.

After a couple seconds of constant flames Kaida finally let up to show a soot covered face of the dragon. The dragon looking utterly surprise. It leaned forward so its eyes were even with Kaida, after a few seconds of uninterrupted eye contact it bared its fangs at her and lunged at her.

This was the first time Kaida flinched in the situation, but instead of a bite she felt her clothes being tugged at the dragon seemed to be holding the cloth at the front of her outfit, and in one quick motion the dragon threw her on to its back in a way a rider would be.

"Well you two got along quite well." Kenichi said with a somber look on his face.

"To be honest I was just going by instinct." Kaida said not noticing.

"Well I have good news and bad news." Kenichi said.

"What is that?" Kaida again hated to find herself asking questions.

"Well the good news is you past the test she gave you with the highest score possible."

Kaida felt happy about this. "So the bad news is?"

"You have an animal partner for life. No matter what you do or where you go. She'll stick by your side." Kenichi said about to throw the whistle.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Isn't she well you know, undomesticated." Kaida said half excited half terrified.

"If its size your worried about this gal hunts her own fish and can sleep anywhere." Kenichi said in a salesmen like tone.

"I thought she was your's though." Kaida said still in a half terrified tone.

"Oh no! this girl's mother is my partner, but not her. So will you take her?" Kenichi asked for once.

The Dragon turned his head towards Kaida and gave an almost begging look.

"What should I name her?" she answered.

The dragon celebrated by blowing a stream of fire.

"That is up to you." Kenichi said. he then threw the poorly carved whistle at her.

Just before the whistle got to Kaida the dragon caught it.

"What are you doing?" Kaida asked her new partner.

The dragon then light the whistle on fire. A few seconds passed before the dragon spat the whistle out now as a soot covered finely carved wooden whistle.

Kaida was confused how this happened, but was a little too caught into the moment to care. She then noticed the dragon was staring at her deeply.

Several long seconds passed between Kaida and her new friend finally a name was decided.


"Really?" Kenichi asked for once.

"Yes, she seems to like it." She said as she pointed to a satisfied face of the dragon.

"Well, it really isn't my choice is it?" Kenichi asked.

"That's right." Kaida said with a smug grin.

"Lets have a race then." Kenichi said.

"Right, you run on foot while I ride a dragon capable of high speed flight maneuvers." Kaida said barely containing her sarcasm.

"Absolutely, now the finish line will be a three-hundred meters above the Water District." Kenichi said.

"Fine." Kaida said sarcastically.


"Where is this exactly?" Kaida asked surprised by the response

"Daiyu should kno-two" Kenichi stumbled.

"Great, just great." Kaida thought sarcastically.


Kaida took hold of whatever she could.


The speed Daiyu had even carrying one person was immense trees were whizzing by air was rushing through her hair and ears. Even with all these distractions Kaida would have to be blind not to notice Kenichi didn't even move from his original place.

She was correct of course Kenichi had not moved from his spot. In fact for the longest time all he did was stand there and wait. "Well I guess it is time to get this started." he said in a somber tone.

"He's just standing there, but why?" Kaida asked more to herself than to Daiyu.

The dragons only response was to speed up.

"Well I guess you know something I don't." Kaida said as she turned around. She noticed Kenichi started running. "Good, at least this will be interesting." she noticed in the few paces she had observed that his movements weren't graceful or confident. They were mechanical and blank.

On the fifth pace of his sprint Kenichi disappeared from view. He then reappeared besides Daiyu his face turned towards the direction of the goal.

Kaida was shocked, she had saw this technique in short ranges, but the distance was so vast that it seemed impossible. It took her awhile but she noticed something odd, Kenichi's eye's there was no shimmer or luster that showed in his eye's. He quickly took a step to angle so that he would quickly climb up Daiyu's neck. After he finished he used Daiyu's head to jump off into the air. As he was in mid air a small flash of pure darkness appeared under his feet. Instantly afterwards he disappeared. Either it was too fast or to nimble for Daiyu to notice, it didn't matter the dragon didn't feel the movements either way.

Kenichi reappeared several meters above and ahead of them.

"What?!?" Kaida said troubled by what she saw. Whatever happened it wasn't of any element she had seen in action. "Water always appears blue or clear with a distorted fluid effect, He isn't touching the ground so it isn't earth. Fire ranges multiple colors but rarely generates that color of black, also Air couldn't possibly propel someone that fast , but not with a color." she though it may be specialized fire but pushed it aside due to the speed it took him to put the fire out before it would burn him. "Plasma could do this though." she thought suddenly. "The element itself is out of my understanding, but it may be the only answer."

As Kaida drifted on these thoughts she awoke considerable to notice that they were almost over the city. The buildings were just as intimidating up close as they were when she first saw them. the heights were a little dizzying for Kaida as she wasn't accumulated to flying due to her fear of air ships. She took notice that Kenichi was heading for the same point as Daiyu was and they were almost even. "Let beat him." She said now focused on the race.

The dragon responded to this by speeding up.

Kenichi keep disappearing and reappearing only meters away from the spot he disappeared to Kaida's interest. Finally they gained air on Kenichi and it seemed as they passed him in one of his Disappearing actions his eyes still carried lusterless dead look. Several seconds later Daiyu stopped in mid air in what Kaida assumed was the finish line.

(Jigoku: Water District)

"Congratulations." Kenichi's voice said.

Kaida looked around.

"I'm up here." he said in a patient tone.

Kaida looked up to see he was standing on Daiyu's head, his eye's were their normal violet again to Kaida's peaked interest.

"This is where you two must part for know."

"Why?" she asked suspicious.

"We can only go on foot for now." Kenichi explained.

"So what do I do?" Kaida asked.

"Simple blow the whistle three times rapidly and Daiyu will go and wait for you to blow the whistle again."

"It can't be that simple." she said with a doubtful face.

"Well believe what you want to believe, I'm going to get some coffee." He said quickly and jumped off the dragon.

"Wait?! What?!" Kaida said half expecting this action. She leaned over the side of Daiyu to see him disappear among the tops of the buildings. "What is wrong with him?" Kaida asked Daiyu.

The dragon made a chuckling motion, and started to descend slowly in spiral motions.

they were still about one hundred meters in the air when Kaida asked "Do you know who this Hisoka is?" not expecting anything in response.

The dragon's eyes shrank and instead of a slow spiral motion it directed into a full vertical dive.

Surprised by this reaction Kaida almost fell off due to she was barely holding on to anything. She luckily reacted by tightening her grip on whatever she could. After she got a hold she noticed they were nearing the ground by tens of meters in seconds.

"Pull up!!! PULL UP!!!" She shouted.

As they were about to hit the ground the dragon did just that which caused it to go flying down the street. The dragon released its wings which brought the momentum to a sudden halt.

The whiplash that was caused made Kaida feel as if her head was about to be pulled off. She instantly got off the dragon with a white noise ringing in her ears. Kaida pulled out her whistle and blew it three times. The only thing she felt was a large rush of wind. She turned around to see Daiyu gone. Out of the corner of her eye Kaida saw a figure standing on the rooftops doing what seemed to be laundry.

A voice pierce the white noise "Are you okay?"

Kaida recognized it as the crazy man that just jumped off Daiyu. She turned towards the sound to see he was sitting in one of two seats placed by a table outside. "Yeah just fine, except this ringing in my ears." she said trying to knock the sound out.

Kenichi seemed to chuckle but it was too quiet for Kaida to hear.

"Don't worry it will wear off in a couple of seconds, coffee?" he said

"Thanks, I guess." she said hesitant.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I never had this 'coffee' before." she said as she to a sip.

"HOLD ON its a bit.." Kenichi tried to warn.

He was to late Kaida instantly spat the coffee out in the direction that Kenichi was ironically in.

"Bitter." he finished with coffee on his face.

"I'm so sorry!" Kaida said embarrassed.

"Don't be, it was my fault I should have warned you earlier." Kenichi said as he patted the coffee off his face with a napkin that was on the table."Here try this, it will make it better."

Kaida recognized that he put sugar and yakgoat milk cream in the beverage.

"Now try it." he said with a smile on his face.

Kaida was hesitant at first, but on the first sip. It was still terribly bitter. "I may need some more." she said.

"Here." he said handing her the container that carried the cream and the container for sugar.

It took Kaida several tries but she finally found the perfect numbers that almost completely blocked out the horribly bitter taste. She then notice "Why do you not add anything to your coffee?"

"Oh well I sorta like the taste of black coffee." Kenichi responded.

Her hearing now fully restored Kaida felt more alive about her situation. "So what happened to the rush of finding this Hisoka?" she asked pleasantly.

"Well this is where we were suppose to meet. I guess she stopped to do something." he said calmly.

"Is she usually not punctual?" Kaida asked.

"No, we're just early."

Kaida continued with there conversation but unbeknownst to them that person on the roof top pulled out a small firing mechanism out of one of the laundry baskets. They flipped open a compartment and put a rather small dart with a glowing neon green liquid dripping out of the tip. After the dart was placed in the compartment the person aimed it straight at Kenichi's forehead. "Death to the Akuma me." they said under a restrained breath. Then they pulled the trigger and a very compressed spring released letting a piece of metal hit the dart, which fired it from the chamber at very high speeds.

Kaida saw the flying dart at the last second all she could do was say "LOOK OUT."


(The Shore Line Of The Earth Kingdom)

The beach line was next to them but after their journey it felt miles away to Toph, Katara, and Miku, the only one who didn't seem effected by the trip was Daichi.

"Are we there yet!" Miku said in oddly dead tone

"Yes!" Katara said exhausted as well.

"Thank Spirits!" Toph said humorously and exhausted.

"Oh we're here already?" Daichi said confused.

"What do you mean already?!?!" Miku said annoyed.

"Don't get worked up Miku. I just have a lack of an internal clock" Daichi said in a jolly tone.

"WORKED UP?!? WORKED UP?!? I WILL SHOW YOU WORKED UP!!!" Miku said with a fire in her eyes and a monstrous fang bearing smile.

"She doesn't like waiting does she?" Toph said to Katara.

"I liked her better when she was trying to kill me." Katara responded.

"You two have something to say." Miku said turning her head with a pure look of murderous intent and rage.

"No not at all." Katara said defensively.

"So what if we did? What are you going to do?" Toph said testing her new adversary.

"Talk, I'll talk." Miku said smugly.

"Oh no, not this again." Daichi said partly annoyed.

"What do you mean?" Katara said having a side conversation with Daichi while Toph and Miku had a destructive face off.

"Miku is notorious for her...well how should I say this.. Voice? Yes, she is notorious for her voice." Daichi explained to Katara.

"What do you mean by that?" Katara asked still ignoring the heated words Miku and Toph were exchanging.

"Miku is known as a good debater, but she is better know as the greatest singer in Jigoku. She completely changed the sound of our nation" Daichi said almost proudly.

"She doesn't look like a singer." Katara said as she analyzed Miku again "She doesn't wear anything to protect her from the cold or water attacks. All she does wear that would fight off the cold are those leather boots. She isn't a serious fighter at all." Katara thought after her analysis.

After five minutes of uninterrupted stare down Toph punched Miku in the shoulder and said "You sure you're a waterbender?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure." Miku responded rubbing her arm.

"Time for us to part." Daichi said solemnly.

"Why do we have to?" Katara said trying to suggest something.

Miku and Daichi looked at each other and start to get a disgusted look on their faces.

"No we are fine." Miku said trying to pin the subject down.

"Let's go Toph." Daichi said grabbing Toph in the back of the collar and jumping off, literally throwing the subject off the side of the Bison.

"Wait what?!?" was all Toph could get out before she was dragged off the bison.

A pause of shock was echoing.

"Well I didn't expect that." Katara said looking over the side of the saddle.

"You'd be surprised who he had chosen to replace him as Earth General." Miku said informatively toned.

"What do you mean?" Katara asked.

Miku gave a blank look at Katara. "You mean your government doesn't have the older generation select the new one?"

"Not exactly. Its either bloodline or experience." Katara answered.

"How...what's the word... old fashioned." Miku said.

"What person did he pick?" Katara asked curious who would replace a giant earthbender.

"An artistic girl; she is a close friend to Hisoka. What was her name?... Kasumi I believe." Miku puzzled.

"So who will replace you?" Katara wondered out loud.

"He's quiet and shy, I barely know anything about him, then again no one does." Miku said proudly.

"What's his name?" Katara asked.

Miku responded quickly with "Oh its..."


"Close one if you gave a few more seconds, I may of had to stop it myself." Kenichi said.

Kaida was processing what had happened. The dart hit; it had to, but there it was in pinched in that girl's fingers right in front of Kenichi's face.

"Kaida this is Hisoka; my niece." He said unshaken.

Kaida looked at the girl. She was young in her teens she had snow white skin and Black as night hair but the most unique feature she held was the fact that she shared purple eyes like Kenichi. She was rather flat chested for a girl her age. A sheath with a sword was on the right side of her right hip hinting that she was left handed. She bore an odd cloak that was as black as her hair. her clothes consisted in a style that showed her abdomen along with a majority of her legs which seemed to have more of a fashioned based goal, rather than to protect the body. Overall she was a beautiful young woman.

"Hi uncle Kenny." Hisoka said blandly. She loosened her grasp on the dart so it could fall onto the table. In the seconds the dart drooped Hisoka disappeared in a flash like Kenichi and Altair have done.

Kaida tracked the dart to its source the rooftop just across the street and the assassin was still there shocked. Suddenly Hisoka appeared next to him or her.

"Uh oh this isn't good." Kenichi said amused at the situation.

"Wha?" Was all Kaida could let out. "They're insane." was all she could think.

"Well seeing that Hisoka terrifies me to death that assassin must be having a heart attack right now." Kenichi said honestly.

"But." Kaida said as she looked back to the roof top. Her pupils shrank at the picture she saw.

Not only was Hisoka on the building but so were two boys, one seemingly tall his clothes concealed his body type and another who was very muscular.


"Hey Hisoka why don't you give me this turn." the muscular boys said in a cocky tone.

"What about Nothing maybe he wants a turn for once." She responded.

"Is that true Nothing? Do you want a turn?" he said looking at the tall boy.

"Leave me out of this." the boy known as Nothing responded.

"Then it's settled, I'll go." The muscular boy then proceeded to run towards the assassin.


"She isn't the one fighting so shouldn't we help them?" Kaida said looking at Kenichi.

The only response she got was a wild grin from Kenichi and words that seemed impossible "Let me tell you a secret, In the state I'm in currently. I am not even almost as powerful as the strongest of those three." He said smiling into the cup.

Kaida eyes shrank at this, she remembered that it took the total effort of everyone just to cause Kenichi to fall to the ground and he was even surprised by that attack for some reason. Kaida then looked back on to Hisoka. "What can she do that is so unique?" Kaida asked herself.

"Although I am not telling this woman the truth I am not telling her a lie either. My niece is more powerful than me, but then again between those two boys and Kasumi who knows who is the strongest one. Although Zukai is brass, and looks for a fight, he was trained under Ryuu. Kasumi is dangerous when she is pushed in the right or wrong way. I have trained Hisoka myself she can't be defeated easily, add that to her unique abilities and the fact she can control her mask, she is a threat to anyone. This boy named Nothing though, he has never trained with anyone even Miku. Although I doubt she would tell me if he did anyways. His past is unknown and he never talks about it. Along with that no one has claimed to be his parents. His name though, "Nothing" he seems to have adopted that for some reason. As far as records show his fighting class should not be as a General's Replacement. Miku sure knows an interesting person when she meets one." Kenichi thought to himself while smiling.


"AHHHHHHH" was the needless war cry the Zukai shouted as he ran towards the assassin.

As he was one daggers reach away the assassin disappeared.

Kenichi's and Hisoka's eye's widened at this.

Hisoka turned her head towards every direction scanning each and every rooftop.

"He's an S class assassin, I'm glad it is my turn." the Zukai said excitedly scanning the rooftops as well.

"You idiot, if there is one S class assassin then there must be another." Hisoka said in a talking down tone.

"What?!?" The Zukai said surprised now looking everywhere.

The boy they call Nothing grabbed Hisoka's shoulder looked at her in the eyes and then looked in the direction of Kenichi.

"Yeah yeah." she said acknowledging the situation.

"We will deal with this place." Nothing said as he pulled back part of his coat to reveal two holsters for daggers.

Hisoka nodded and jumped down from the rooftop. "He never uses those, so why now?" she thought

As she was halfway down several familiar darts whizzed towards her.

A clang of metal on metal rang so loud that Kenichi and Kaida could hear it. The boy called Nothing had drawn one of the daggers and deflected the darts with the blade. "So that's where you are." He said intrigued. The boy called Nothing changed directions and disappeared.


"That's an S class assassin." Kenichi said looking in every direction.

Even though he did this he failed to notice the one dart heading towards the back of his head.

"I'm not going to make it in time." Hisoka thought "Unless." Hisoka took her hand placed it over the top of her fore head and as she dragged it down across she slowly moved the block from her eighth chakra, onto her face.

No sound was made the dart wasn't deflected but it was cut in half.The poisonous liquid sprayed onto the blade Hisoka had drawn. Her other hand squeezed into a fist so hard the whites of her knuckles showed.

Kaida was speechless "Even though the girl didn't use her disappearing technique, her speed increased a hundred-fold and her precision and strength must have as well."

"Get Behind me." Hisoka said with a voice that seemed as if her voice was layered with another deeper tone. It created a swift echo effect like the voices just weren't in sinc by mere milliseconds.

Kaida's eyes widened as she recognized a similar voice like this one last night at the drinking game, it belonged to Kenichi. On that note Kaida turned to see if Kenichi had done something similar to what his niece had done.

As she looked all she saw was a bored look on his face. "Although my niece is under strict orders to not reveal that technique to outsiders, I think this situation is acceptable." he said smiling as he nodded at a Hisoka that turned her head.

Hisoka turned her head back but the mask seemed to disappear into thin air.

A high pitched whistle was heard echoing throughout the area when seconds later countless darts whizzed towards the group from the south of the shop. Several darts of the same color and others of different kinds constantly shooting without intervals.

Hisoka Raised her clenched fist and slowly opened it, as she was opening her fist small waves of blue energy swirled out of her hand. When Hisoka's hand was opened to a point where the fingers were curled but still away from the palm. An orb of pure blue plasma no bigger than a cherry, was hovering centimeters away from her palm . With this task done she quickly made a thrusting motion that sent the orb several feet away from her, she opened her fingers ever so slightly so that a deadly expansion arose. The darts in a determined area of the orb not only melted but after long enough they vaporized. The area she sent the sphere in was the group of darts that would have hit Hisoka, Kenichi, and Kaida if the sphere wasn't there. also the darts that weren't destroyed had hit every target they were aimed at creating an outline in the shops glass window of a cut off circle.

Suddenly a new group of darts were released on the west to the side of the shop also signaled by the same exact whistle and rate of fire.

Hisoka dropped her sword and repeated the same process with the other hand covering the west side with the cherry sized plasma that suddenly expanded with the slightest twitch of her fingers.

Kaida turned her attention towards the east to the side of the shop. "Why aren't you helping her?" She scolded Kenichi.

"If I were to interfere they would only get political gain if I raised my hand against assassins." he said in a simple tone.

Kaida didn't have time to ask who he was talking about as the last whistle blew. Kaida braced for the darts protecting the vital parts of her body.

Hisoka's arm muscles seemed to be tense from the strain of the technique.

"She can preform the blooming cherry technique using only her hands without her mask on...? If so her talent surpasses even those of the legendary Akumasama." Kenichi thought to himself.

Suddenly clangs of metal were heard from the south and small flashes of light were seen as if someone was fighting using firebending.

The whistle blew again but no darts came from the east.

Suddenly the darts from the south that seemed to be endless just stopped in an instant.

Hisoka found relief in this and closed her hand controlling the plasma and let the arm drop. Then suddenly she raised it back up to focus mainly on west side which still had darts firing still being destroyed in the beautiful blue orb only forming shadows that disappeared as they were halfway through the sphere.

Kaida had seen several well planned assassination attempts most of them coming from the Blue Fire Army and more likely Azula. This though this was close to flawless politically and battle wise. The only thing they didn't seem to account for was their east side division failing to execute.

The same whistle blew three time in a determined rate which in turn somehow signaled the last section of darts to stop. Shadows moved at amazing rates as the last group seemed to escape.

Kaida got up and started to fire blasts at the front members of the retreating group. Suddenly two of the rear members turned around and fired two different darts at her.

"Move!" Was all Nothing could say before he had stepped in the way of the darts. Both of them lodging into his back.

Kaida turned around and saw the type of horrifying face she saw all those years ago.

Suddenly Nothing collapsed his body was about to fall face first into the ground when he was caught by...

(The Southern Air Temple)

"My name is Aang. I am the Avatar. I have faced down Koh, The Phoenix King, and Azula even, all hardly easy tasks. Even though all these people are terrifying in their own rights, this Altair is the worst by far."

"If you're even going to survive my training you better have a more vicious, killer instinct than that." Altair said with a boiling hatred in his eyes.

"Air Nomads are peaceful beings, we don't have a killer instinct." Aang said hiding behind a rock on one of the many mountains surrounding The Southern Air Temple.

"Its not that hard." Altair said as he appeared on top of the rock Aang was hiding behind. "You just have to look." He continued as he smashed the rock into pieces using the same technique he had been chasing Aang with all day.

"Damn it, he's not letting up. This isn't good, I assumed he was intense in training, but not to this end." Aang thought as he found a new hiding spot.

"Good, bide you're time as the enemy searches. Strategies, analyze, and attack with these three keys you will survive. You seem to lack the necessary requirements for the third though... Oh well you'll have to learn fast or die." Altair said as he was having fun torturing The Avatar.

"Why do you fight like this? Air Nomads are peaceful." Aang asked this time reflecting his voice of a rock several meters away through controlled airbending.

"We weren't always the fun loving people you naively remember." Altair said from behind Aang as he thrusted his arm towards Aang which sent him flying towards one of the many mountain cliffs.

Aang had encountered many airbending moves in his childhood and many in his past lives before, but this technique was beyond the viciousness and violence he and his past lives ever experienced in airbending.

"What a pathetic airbender. He can't even withstand the handtyphoon at stage one, let alone my ultimate technique." Altair thought as his hatred boiled down when he laid eyes on the setting sun. "Oh well, might as well finish this off."

Aang was flying towards the edge of the cliff he was trying his hardest to gain control, but it felt like a condensed tornado in its most powerful form was directly pushing him towards the cliff rotating him clockwise. Just as he saw the edge of the cliff Aang closed his eyes...

(Out in the Middle of the Ocean)

A loud roar was emitted from Appa as he thrashed around on the air.

"Whoa there big guy." Miku said as she was trying to find where her heart had fled to.

Appa made a quieter roar.

"Thank you fluffy monster." Miku said teasing Appa.

As she looked into the sunset Katara asked "So when are we going to start training?"

Miku was busy petting the side of Appa when she had replied. "At night."

"At night?" Katara asked.

Miku didn't say anything, she seemed to be waiting for Katara to answer her own question.

Then in an instant Katara remembered, then felt stupid for forgetting, and finally felt embarrassed it took her so long to figure out. Her face had revealed all these emotions quite quickly. "So what happens if the moon isn't out?" Katara asked to regain her pride.

"Simple, we just don't train." Miku said relaxing. "What do you prefer? You make the glacier, I make the snow or the other way around?" She continued as she leaned over to face the water.

"What are you talking about?" Katara asked.

"It's simple basics that if you surround yourself with weapons only you can use, you gain the upper hand, right?... Never mind I'll just do both."

And before Katara could respond Miku threw herself off the Bison plummeting towards the ground.

Katara quickly reacted by pulling the reigns in an order that told Appa a set of directions.

Katara could feel the chilled air as the sun was setting along with the sudden drop in altitude.

What Katara saw was a beautifully deadly sight.

As Miku fell she made several motions of fluid thrusts and kicks as she was flying head first towards the water which caused several dark clouds to form under her. Suddenly once she touched the cloud she seemed to step off of it and fly in a different direction. Several moves that Katara could only describe as dance steps were made by Miku forming an outline of a glacier. The ice slowly froze from the outside in. The ice's speed of formation seemed to respond to the speed of which Miku made the steps and formations in this powerful technique.

Katara was bewitched by the performance, as Miku was closing close to the ground, Katara noticed that the clouds Miku somehow jumped off were starting to get darker and darker.

Suddenly the clouds erupted with snow greater than any blizzard Katara has ever seen.

Miku could feel the ice cold wind in her face as she plummeted towards the last section of ocean that wasn't frozen within the iceberg. As she dove into the water Miku felt the welcome embrace of those icy waters, and came to eased state.

Appa made a quick motion with his tail to avoid the harshly falling snow.

"Shes going to freeze to death if she stays in there." Katara had thought.

As the clouds seem to die down in their torrent of snowfall Appa eventually landed on the newly created masterpiece of waterbending.

It was several minutes, the moon had risen as the sun eventually had set, but Miku never surfaced form the one pool of water.

Katara under normal conditions would go in after her, but had to keep the health of more than just herself in mind.

"I wonder how he is doing? Will he really keep such a horrible promise? Will he ever consider something more than that path?" Miku had thought in her little sanctuary.

Appa roared in a fit of impatience.

Miku and Katara jumped a bit.

"Fine I'll get out of the pond." Miku answered as she had rose from the water with mild discoloration from the water.

"You ready to.." Katara was about to say.

"Yeah, yeah first things first we need to size up each others abilities." Miku interrupted.

"I thought that already happened when we fought." Katara said confused although she was holding back the Water General didn't seem to be doing the same in their battle.

"Well after the idiot in the boat showed up, your skills seemed to have suddenly spiked." Miku said.

All Katara could do was slightly blush.

"Of course on that matter I can't really judge." Miku said looking bored.

Katara became curious, and was still a bit nervous that these violent people have single handedly isolated every member of Team Avatar from each other.

"Lets go." Miku said as she lunged several water whips at Katara she pulled from the pond behind her.

"What?" Katara said as she was still lost in thought.

As Miku unleashed several whips like the octopus form this had ten instead of eight.

It was difficult for Katara to dodge the whips as they came from every direction. She had to resort to bending the ice underneath her to melt so she could slip away for a moment. Katara paused to think of a way to defeat Miku.

As Katara looked up she noticed the ice had a clear view of Miku, but she was far from battle ready. Katara heard the roar again and heard a thud, then she remembered."Appa" Using a small cyclone to get out of the water, Katara quickly turned to Miku ready for a trap.

"Whoa there, cease fire, we've got a man down." Miku said as she had one hand in a yield position while the other pointing to Appa who was lying on his back.

"What happened?" Katara asked with an accusing look in her eye.

"Nothing, I dropped the squid form to get a look where you were. Before I could there he roared then just fell over." Miku explained.

"He doesn't seem injured." Katara said trying to relieve the tension of an unspoken accusation.

"What caused it then?" Miku asked Katara.

As she was about to make a guess, a massive rumbling came from Appa's stomach.

Both Katara and Miku felt stupid for overlooking a basic detail.

"So what does he eat?" Miku asked.

"Fruits and vegetables." Katara answered.

"What about fish?" Miku asked.

"I doubt it." Katara said solemnly.

"Then we'll just have to 'retrieve' some fruit from them." Miku said pointing to a ship in the distance.

As Katara looked in the distance her eyes widened. "Pirates?!?" was all she could say after a small grin appeared after one memory popped up. "Stealing is wrong. Unless it's from pirates."


Nothing slowly fell with a grin on his face as Kaida slowly watched in horror as she had seen the same face long ago.

As Nothing descended he was caught by Hisoka. "You're a bigger idiot then him." she said as she pointed towards Kenichi.

"Hey!" Kenichi argued.

All Hisoka did was playfully glare at him.

"True" Kenichi finally admitted.

Kaida involuntarily laughed at this.

"We better get him to the medic." Kenichi said his face bearing a small blush.

"I'm fine. It only hurt when I do something specific." Nothing said from Hisoka's shoulder.

"And what would that be?" Hisoka asked.

"Breathe." Nothing said trying to force his best impression of a smile.

"Well tough guy, we're taking you to the healer." Hisoka said rolling her eyes.

"What's up?" Zukai said casually as he strode over with several battle trophies.

"Good, you're here. You can take him." Hisoka said unloading Nothing onto Zuki's shoulder.

"Alrirgurg" was all Zukai could say as he had to suddenly drop his treasures so Nothing wouldn't fall.

"So where is Kasumi?" Kenichi asked.

"Akuma if I know." Zukai said.

"She had a spark of inspiration before we left. So I let her go do her painting." Hisoka responded simply.

" Good choice, It be even worse actually if she didn't get it out of her system." Kenichi chimed in.

"Speaking of which, could I go to the healer...please" Nothing said rather timidly then he should have.

"Oh right, you're still poisoned." Kenichi said.

"Hard for me to forget, lets go...please?" Nothing said his face becoming flushed.

"We really must go. You two go find Kasumi and we'll take him to the closest healer." Hisoka said as she started running down the recently littered street.

"Kaida you ready to go? Kaida? Kaida?" Kenichi repeated to the frozen body before him.


"Where am I? Oh oh spirits. Whose blood is this? Mine?"

" Just remember, you don't have to change because of this." An angelic voice rang.


"Kaida, Kaida, KAIDA!!!" a voice beckoned as well.

(Jigoku: Earth District)

"Kaida wake up." the voice rang.

"What's going on?" Kaida asked as she found she was in new surroundings.

"I don't know, you wouldn't respond. And you seemed far away so I thought it be best to move you to a safe place." Kenichi said as they were standing in front of a building

"Where are we?" Kaida said even more confused than at the scene of the coffee shop.

"We are at Kasumi's house." Kenichi said.

"Who is she?" Kaida asked as she looked around to find herself in another place she had no clue about.

Suddenly one of the windows in the builds third story opened and out popped a ball of fire.

Although it wasn't close to even hitting either of them. Kaida seem drawn to it as it wasn't a red fire but a blue and emitted an odd smell. As Kaida looked there was a beautiful illustration of a young girl with one eye color as black with a white pupil and the other white with a black pupil. It seemed as if she was being devoured by the flames as the paper slowly crumbled in the fire.

"Another one gone, such a shame." Kenichi said.

"Why burn such a beautiful painting?" Kaida asked.

"That's Kasumi's ordeal, she has to have every aspect of her art flawless in her mind otherwise.." Kenichi was about to finish until another smoldering canvas had interrupted him. "You get the idea." he shrugged.

"So why exactly are we here?" Kaida asked.

"Well apparently someone had a inspiration flash the second they were suppose to meet up with us." Kenichi said as he walked towards the door.

"Sounds fun." Kaida said uneasy of how comfortable she was now. Small talking a man who could easily kill several master benders if wished to do so. This is crazy. I am an enemy, why be so kind?

"Shall we go?"Kenichi asked waving a hand upfront of her face

"Why are you doing that?" Kaida asked.

"Oh good you're still here." Kenichi said.

"Where would I be?" Kaida said jokingly


An elderly man and women sat in two chairs both of them face first into a book.

"Hey Ma remember the flood?" the elderly man asked.

"Yeah hun." she responded.

"Says here that it could of happened any time." the elderly man continued.

"That's just nonsense, the moon spirit protects us. There ain't any way that could happen again." the aged woman corrected.

"Oh that's right... Ma then why did the flood ever happen all those years ago."

"It's simple the moon spirit.."

"WE NEED HELP." Zukai said as he placed Nothing onto the table.

"Oh dear it looks like the young ones are in trouble." the woman said as she slowly got up from her chair. After looking Nothing over several times she asked. "Poison or venom?"

"I don't know." Zukai shrugged.

"Young ones no use these days." the old man said.

"Its two separate poisons, I also have samples here." Hisoka said as she walked in to building with darts identical to those that hit Nothing.

"Oh Hisoka, this is your friend." The woman asked.

"Yes." Hisoka said with a glare at Nothing.

"I'll take these." the man said as he swiped both darts from Hisoka's hands.

The old lady took out several tools along with a bucket of water. "Pa what are we dealing with?"

"The first one is to paralyze the opponent while the other one is meant to cause muscle damage" the old man said as he finished whatever he did.

"What muscles exactly?" Hisoka asked.

"From experience, I would say the heart being the prime target." the old man said thoroughly.

"Pa, something odd is going on." the lady said.

"What?" the man asked.

"The paralysis poison is working but the deadly one." the lady said baffled.

"Will he be okay?" Hisoka asked.

"Hinata get in here." the old lady called.

"Yes grandma?" a sweet voice said as an adorable little eight year old girl walked in.

"Get someplace ready for this young man." the old lady said sweetly

"Oh, I'll get a room ready right away." the small girl said with a smile as she zipped away.

"Beyond being bed ridden he should be fine, don't worry we'll see to it your boyfriend stays alive.

"We're not a couple." Hisoka and Nothing said quickly at the same time, both having a subtle blush on their face.

"Oh I see." the man said winking.

Hisoka slapped her face with her palm.

"That's, it give me the death dart again." Nothing asked.

A giggle echoed from the doorway. Hinata was standing with what seemed to be two clean cloths

"Yes laugh at my pain but I'll get you." Nothing teased as he made movements with his neck to suggest a sudden movement.

This just made the little girl laugh more.

Hisoka found herself smiling, something most rarely make her do.

"Go and get ready for training." Hinata's Grandmother said.

"I FORGOT!!!" Hinata said. She disappeared in a flash.

"How did she do that?" Zukai asked.

"Like everyone else." The old man said in a proud tone.

"At such a young age?" Hisoka asked.

"Yes, she is special isn't she?" Hinata's Grandmother said.

A terrible coughing came from the table as Nothing was struggling to breath as he coughed out crimson blood.

The two medics rushed over to his side.

"His heart beat is fine" the old man said with his ear on Nothing's chest

"Has he been in any major physical combat?" Hinata's Grandmother asked.

"Like what?" Zukai asked

"Like being thrown against the side of a build, or trampled by a large group of people." the woman asked in a serious tone.

"He was out of our sight for a short while. I hardly doubt that happened though." Hisoka said.

"He's out cold." the elderly man said.

"What did you do?" Hinata's grandmother accused the old man.

"Nothing, his eyes went haywire, suddenly they rolled back, and now the young man is out cold." the man said without taking a breath.

The two elders squabbled until they were interrupted by Hinata

"THE COUGHING! IT STOPPED?!?!" she shouted with excitement and curiosity.

"What was that?" Hisoka said as she walked towards the table Nothing was resting on.

"I've never seen anything like it." the old man said.

"What have the spirits done to this poor boy?" Hinata's Grandmother asked to no one directly.

A loud bang came from outside, Hisoka was the first to react by walking slowly to a wall, ever so quietly she raised her right hand in the shape of a platypus-bear bill suddenly she completely opened her hand.

As a result a tiny hole in the wall formed, and she saw them.

The sclera and eye color were black as night, one being barely a noticeable shade of different black to tell. What shook Hisoka to her core were the pupils they were white like snow that her waterbending master showed her.

The black eyes paused on her purple ones for a second, suddenly the eyes turned and disappeared only being followed by a shade of stunning green.

As reaction Hisoka tore down the wall with a punch mixed with earthbending, to chase the eavesdropper.

As she turned down the alley she saw the end of several strands of green hair around the corner of the building.

With all her speed Hisoka dashed using Kagetejun, as she forced herself to stop the technique at such a close distance. After everything stopped being a blur Hisoka looked out onto a street full of people.

"I'll never find who that was in this mess." Hisoka said to herself.

"Who was she?" Hinata said from behind Hisoka.

"You saw who that was?" Hisoka said turning to Hinata.

"Of course I did, didn't you?" Hinata asked with childish ignorance.

"She is something special." Hisoka thought to herself.

(Jigoku: Earth District)

"Kasumi just put down the welder and spray-paint. You are not thinking this through." Kenichi said trying to coax the young earthbending artist from her position.

"Nonsense I am just fine, I've examined the canvas thousands of times. And the picture is terrible." Kasumi said about to ignite the canvas to a burning inferno she had several paint stains on her clothes along with clay stains, dye stains, and just stains in general.

For the longest time Kaida just stood there, she had seen many masterpieces in her lifetime from a masterfully crafted sword, to unique Earth Kingdom pots. But in this portrait of a bloody battle where a group of people from many nations were facing an endless army of what could be described as children's nightmares, made the Fire Nation Royal Family's Portraits look like scribbles.

Then in an instant Kaida realized, "What is the opposing general trying to draw from his hip?"

"Wait what?" Kasumi said as she pushed her glasses closer to her eyes, it took her ten seconds to analyze the painting again.

"Kenichi hand me my paint brush..."


  • Nothing generally never uses his daggers in a fight.
  • Kasumi is a prodigy in art to the degree of parring renissance artists.
  • Kaida hasen't caught a break since she arrived in this new world
  • The Fifth nation is the furthest andvanced society because of the diverse people and the spirit guarded land which boasts an agricultural pinnical.
  • Originally this chapter was supposed to be a part 2 to Training Days, this is not the case anymore.

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