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The Mecha Tank Mk 2 was a vehicle designed and built by Asami Sato during the six month period between the end of The Anti-Bender Revolution and the start of the Water Tribe Civil War. Originally intended for mining operations in the frigid mountains in the Northern Earth Kingdom, it was later converted for use in combat at the start of the Water Tribe Civil War. Its first prototype was fielded by the United Forces during the Battle of the Southern Port. Later designs and upgraded versions were used both by the Fire Nation and the United Republic during the South Sea War.


The Mecha Tank Mk 2 was originally designed by Hiroshi Sato as being a more mobile and armored version of the original Mecha Tank. However, Sato was killed and the Revolution ended before the designs could ever be put into production. Sato's daughter, Asami, later discovered the designs and developed the first prototypes, intending to sell the new suits to a mining company operating in near polar conditions in the Northern Earth Kingdom.

In 171 AG, following the outbreak of the Water Tribe Civil War and the entrance of the Untied Republic on the side of the Southerners, Asami reconfigured the Mk 2 for use in combat. However, production was slow and as a result only one Mk 2 prototype was deployed with the Untied Forces that attacked the Southern Port. This single Mk 2, codenamed Alpha, was piloted by Captain John Rider. While it lacked any ranged weaponry like the previous design, Alpha still proved to be an effective war machine, decimating any enemy Mecha Tanks that crossed it's path.

The Alpha was finally destroyed when a Northern Water Tribe pilot kamakazied his biplane into the suit. Despite the damage done, Captain Rider managed to escape with only minor injuries, effectively proving the capabilities of the new design. This paved the way for several more productions and developments, and proved the Mecha Tank design as a whole would be around for many years to come.

Following the end of The Water Tribe Civil War, Fire Nation agents managed to attain the remains of the Alpha suit. As a result, two rival versions of the Mk 2 began to be developed. This had massive repercussions following the Revolutions in the Fire Nation in 185. The new government seized control of the Mk 2 designs and accelerated production at an alarming rate.

The Untied Republic model and the Fire Nation model of the Mk 2 finally met in combat following the outbreak of the South Sea War in late 199 AG. Both models proved to be an even match, however their uses in combat varied. The 302 Fire Nation model, or "Dragon's Breath" as nicknamed by United Forces troopers was meant for Antiperson uses. The 302's rival, the Mk 2-5 or "Bad Daddy" was more for Anti Tank uses.

The suits were so even a match that the outcome of a battle between the two relied on the skill of the pilot. Several instances during both the Whaletail Island Campaign and the Fall of Republic City saw the two models meet in combat with the result of the battle swinging back and forth many times.


The Mecha Tank Mk 2 was a highly updated version of the original Mecha Tank. Bipedal, heavily armored, and used by a single pilot, the Mk 2 was a formidable opponent to anyone on the ground or in another Mecha Tank. Several versions of the Mk 2 were in existence by the year 200 AG.

Alpha: The first prototype ever fielded, the Alpha featured a drill on its right arm and hardened legs so that it could be dropped from an airship. Originally intended for mining, the Alpha was converted for combat and proved to be effective in fighting other Mecha Tanks. The Alpha became the basis for all other Mk 2 designs.

302 "Dragon's Breath": The 302 was the Fire Nation Mk 2 fielded during the South Sea War. Like Alpha, it featured a drill on its right arm and hardened legs for long drops. However the 302 also possessed a flamethrower built into the wrist mounts on the left arm.

Mk 2-5 "Bad Daddy": The Mk 2-5 was the United Republic Mk 2 fielded during the South Sea War.

Notes & Trivia

The Mecha Tank Mk 2 is heavily based on the Big Daddy from BioShock. The Alpha and Mk 2-5s are inspired by and based on the "Bouncer" while the 302 draws its looks from Subject Delta.

The Mk 2 also draws from the original Mecha Tank for looks as well.

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