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Mayuri is a powerful Earthbender in the new fanon Avatar:War of Nations. She discovers she is the Avatar after eavesdropping on her parents conversation and decides


Mayuri is a twenty year old Earthbender from Ba Sing Se, the capital of the Earth Kingdom. She finds out from her parents that she is the Avatar a year later than she was to be told. Her parents tried to wait until she had fully mastered Earthbending but unknown to them she'd already mastered it by the age of 12. When told she was the Avatar, her parents turned away the Earth King's advisors option of taking her to enroll her in the Kingdom's army. They asked for one year with her seeing as how the nations had isolated themselves from each other. The Earth King reluctantly agreed to this to satisfy Mayuri's parents. Unknown to both the Earth King and her parents, Mayuri fled the great city's walls and became a well known bounty hunter, using her skills to take down a wide variety of wanted criminals. Mayuri did occasionally return to Ba Sing Se but avoided the Earth King's men as best as she could.

After being attacked by who she assumed were criminals looking to settle a score with her, she unwillingly dragged Kaoru into the battle. The battle drew the attention of the Earth King's guards who put a warrant out for the two's arrest.


Mayuri is a proud Earthbender with just a hint of cockiness at her abilities as an Earthbender. She can at times be mature and live up to her status as Avatar by settling disputes or choosing to back off when she gets into an argument with Kaoru.


Mayuri is a powerful Earthbender able to create large earthen pillars, enormous earthquakes powerful enough to shake a section of Ba Sing Se. She is able to perform all basic Earthbending techniques from earth shields to earth columns large enough to destroy part of a building. Her mastery of Earthbending is powerful enough for her to stand toe to toe against three other masters.

Mayuri's waterbending skills are a bit above a beginners level as her only way of learning waaterbending is by observing the waterbending techniques of any criminal waterbenders she happens to hunt down. As such her skills usually consist of creating waves of water when enough is available, redirecting attacks, and the occasional geyser.

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