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Irad Island - Mauna Mountain


Hidden Islands Native

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King of the Hidden Islands (officially)

Religious authority

Village Elder and Priests




Village Elder

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The Hidden Islandsmentioned only

Mauna is one of the several villages native to the Hidden Islands. It is part of the Hidden Islands Water Tribe.


Mauna is located on the upper regions of a mountain at the center of Irad Island. Its buildings hang off the sides of the rock, mainly clustered on the Northwest. The village's name, Mauna is based on the Maori word for mountain.

The people of Mauna, being Waterbenders, have created a rather advanced aqueduct up to the village.


The village used to be very different. It was a cluster of tents and other semi-permanent dwellings at the base of the mountain. At the beginning of the Great War, when many refugees took over the island, the people of Mauna were forced up the mountain by the settlers.

When the settlers began to take over, there were small territorial skirmishes between them and the settlers. However, as the native civilization hadn't changed for 20 000 years, they easily lost the battles.


Four years before the war started, an Air Nomad wanderer came to Mauna. He came with a newborn Flying Bison. The mother, hes companion had died in childbirth. The Air Nomad stayed in the village for a week, grieving, and committed suicide soon after, not being able to cope with the death of his lifelong friend. The bison stayed in Mauna, being secretly held there for the rest of its time.

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