By EliMau Part of the Avatar: The Forgotten Bender continuity.
Mau Sur Ia
Biographical information

Raging Bender


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Shanon village, Wulong Forest


16-17 (Avatar: The Forgotten Bending)


October 1, 101 BCE

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Earthbending/shanon style bending




Han Ming Chi Mercenary Group/Metal bending police force

Chronological and political information



Mau is the only son of Sur Ia family. One of the Shanon style bender, he seeks justice for his father. He wants to fulfill the promise from his Master Zau. He's a stubborn young man who lives in a village in Wulong Forest he leaves the village to seek justice for his father. after defeating the Tota Brothers he must know who is Han Ming Chi, his rival for finding the scrolls. He led a journey around the Earth Kingdom to find the scrolls of shanon.

When he was practicing with his father a wild rogue mercenaries raided their village that caused his fathers death. Mau was such in rage that he unleashed the Shanon process state that killed all the rogues. He was stopped by his Master, Zau, after that he trains Mau how to control the lower pillar from his Shanon process state which is the patience pillar. Now he met Shuka who soon becomes his Master for the respect pillar. He must complete his training before Han stops him.


Love interest

Ming Ho

We all know that from chapter one they have travelled ever since,Ming Ho tells her feelings to Mau when they are at Tavern of love she said that she loves him that makes them both "make-some-love" in Mau's room, but there's no rumor that Mau has feelings to Ming or even crush at her.


From chapter two Katnik said that Mau is cute when Mau is unconscious at that time When they are at Ba Sing Se, Katnik tells Mau what he has that something she like on him, she said that he has the lips of her dead father when he was still young, that makes Katnik to kiss him and they started to make out. Even at Katnik there are rumors that Mau has feelings on her.

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