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"The power to manipulate the very fabric of existence is not something to be taken lightly. Handle it wrong, and you WILL die"
— Dante regarding the power of matterbending

Matterbending is the neutral sixth bending style. It is unique in the sense that not only can benders from all other styles use it, but it allows the user to control and manipulate almost anything. However this seemingly all powerful bending style is anything but all powerful, as using it is quite dangerous and has very clear limits.


In the days before the Avatar, Matterbending was one of many bending styles that humans experimented with as they moved away from Energybending. After a time, however, the bending style was abandoned due to the dangers that come with using it. Eventually, almost all knowledge of the art was lost and it went unpracticed for thousands of years.

When the Lion Turtle reintroduced Energybending to the world through Avatar Aang, the spirts reacted to the sudden imbalance that five bending styles created by reintroducing matterbending in order for balance to be regained. However, for it to be properly unlocked for usage, four benders, one from each bending style were required.


Matterbending, not to be confused with telekinesis, allows the user to manipulate that matter in an object and move or destroy it. Unlike telekinesis, which requires the mental strength of the user, Matterbending relies on the physical strength of the user.

In Matterbending, more physical strength equals more power. Although Matterbenders can lift many times more weight with the bending style then with their physical bodies, strength is still required. For example, if a matterbender tried to move a bolder, but did not have the strength to match the bending needed, nothing would happen.

Extensive usage can lead to muscle damage, degeneration, and even the death of a user if they attempt a move they are not ready for.

Moves and Abilities

Enhanced Senses

Similer to the sismac sense used by Earth and Metalbenders, users of matterbending often have their senses enhanced to be much greater than that of a normal human. This allows them to have a much greater sense and understanding of their surroundings.  Along with this, a sixth sense of sorts is unlocked, allowing users of the art to sense other users within a small range of feet surrounding their bodies.

Enhanced Reflexes

Along with the Enhanced Senses, users of matterbending often have their reflexes greatly enhanced. This gives off the impression that most users have some sort of speed, when in reality it is their senses and reflexes allowing them to react quicker.

Matter Blast 

This move involves a simple, yet powerful strike. Unlike the other elements, where a fist is used in a strike, a single hand is extended outward with the palm facing the target. A ball of matter is created and then sent at the target. This ball is often clear in the center with a faint shimmering coloration around the edge. An enhanced version of this move involves both hands and can easily send several enemies flying.

Matter Shield

Also known as "The Bubble", The Matter Shield is a protective ball of energy that surrounds the users body and blocks almost all forms of attack. Similar to the Matter Blast, the air around the edges of the shield will shimmer. If released properly, the energy gathered in the shield will explode outward for a small distance. More powerful users, namely firebenders, have the ability to heat the matter in the shield to great temperatures. This often results in the combustion, or even incineration of enemies caught in the blast.

Atomic Division

Often confused with Lightningbending due to the similar nature of the two, Atomic Division is one of the most powerful attacks that a matterbender can use. As the name implies, this move involves the division of particles at an atomic level and then adapting the resulting energy into an attack. The most common way of doing this is to covert the energy into a form of electrical attack.

However, due to the extreme focus to detail and shear amount of strength needed to power this attack, only masters are seen using it. If one attempts to use this move without the proper training, the results can mean the death of the user, or even a small atomic detonation.

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