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Fire in a Bottle

Matt is a Pokémon Trainer from Lightningthief9's fanon series, Darksome Knights: Resurrection. He is based on Lightningthief9's character from Pokémon Black Version.


Matt is a boy who lives in Nuvema Town, as do his childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca. On his tenth birthday, he received an Oshawott and a Pokédex from Professor Juniper. As well as encountering and battling his childhood friends at various points during his journey, Matt met a man known as N, who wishes to create separate worlds for humans and Pokémon. In order to achieve his goals, he and Matt have battled several times. Matt also battled Team Plasma at various stages of his journey.


Matt is a fearless trainer who will do anything for his friends. His philosophy when raising Pokémon is to make sure that each Pokémon has time to develop their abilities in battle. He will constantly battle enemies and rivals until he has defeated them. Matt's fiery spirit constantly drives him to improve his skills.


Pokemon Team

This is Matt's team as of his most recent appearance in the series, "The Last Grind Home."

  • A Lv. 46 Samurott that knows X-Scissor, Encore, Aqua Tail and Razor Shell
  • A Lv. 43 Throh that knows Bulk Up, Body Slam, Vital Throw, and Storm Throw
  • A Lv. 47 Leavanny that knows Slash, X-Scissor, Protect and Leaf Blade
  • A Lv. 46 Beartic that knows Icicle Crash, Blizzard, Brine and Rest
  • A Lv. 46 Unfezant that knows Air Slash, Roost, Razor Wind and Fly
  • A Lv. 41 Lampent that knows Inferno, Will-O-Wisp, Flame Burst and Hex


Matt also owns an Audino, a Joltik, a Ducklett, a Liepard, a Ferroseed, a Sawk, a Cottonee, a Herdier, a Swoobat, a Minccino, a Foonguss, a Gothita, a Tirtouga, a Scraggy, a Gurdurr, a Zoroark, a Zebstrika, a Darumaka, a Pansear, a Druddigon, a Golett, a Boldore, a Mienfoo, a Vanillite, a Klink, a Whirlipede, a Sandile, a Deerlin and a Watchog.

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