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By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.

Materpiscis are a race of fish that lived in the Global Ocean during the era of Kaiju.


In the era of Kaiju, the Materpiscis were the most abandon creatures in the ocean. They could be found everywhere in the shallow sea to the ocean far from the shore. They were the primary food of the Acanthodian. When the mass extinction happened, most of them went extinct but some of them that survived retreated into the Subterranea.


They're the smallest fish in the era of Kaiju. They're the source of food for everything in the Global Ocean because they're the food of the bigger fish like Eusthenopteron and children of the Dunkleosteus.


They're the only fish in the ocean that eat seaweed and because they're herbivore, this makes them the source of food for everything in the food chain of the Global Ocean. Like Dunkleosteus, Materpiscis are covered with armor but unlike the Dunkleosteus they will take care of their young.


  • They take care of their young.
  • They're a source of food in the Global Ocean.

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