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Air Nomad/Earth Kingdom


Air Nomad


Southern Air Temple

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Gyema (wife)


Gyema, Ogomu, Lyo, Olila, Honni, Ging, Linjon (formerly)



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Airbending master

Matan is an airbending master and a teacher of airbending at the Southern Air Temple. He is the husband of Gyema and the father of Honni and Olila, who are also airbenders.


Matan was born and raised at the Southern Air Temple, and trained by master Ogomu. He became great friends with Ogomu's son Lyo, and even traveled with him a few times to Haiqo, by which time had become an attraction of both Air Nation and Southern Water Tribe citizens.

Matan found it wise to marry another airbender, and eventually met Gyema, who was also an airbender-in-training.

Matan lived peacefully at the Southern Temple for a number of years, even taking in and raising several Air Acolytes including Ging, who had befriended Honni and Olila.

Soon enough Matan heard about the attack on Haiqo by the Bouchang Pirates. At this point, he had also learned of Haiqo's leader, an airbender named Tirriu, had used deadly force against Braqan, the leader of the pirates, and most of his fleet. This sparked outrage among the Air Nomads, who demanded that Tirriu's children Jantaq and Kessa be raised at the Southern Temple. Matan offered to foster the young airbenders, but ultimately Tirriu refused. Matan offered to go to Haiqo to help train and raise Tirriu's children, but Lyo and his family were sent instead. It was a number of years before Lyo and his family returned to the Southern Temple. However, Lyo's son Linjon had secretly been influenced away from his peaceful nomadic teachings by Tirriu, and decided to leave the Southern Temple for good, taking several Air Acolytes and airbenders-in-training with him. Matan felt somewhat guilty for not going to Haiqo instead as it had ultimately caused Lyo to lose his son, but Lyo's assured him that this was only a phase and Linjon would return sooner or later.

However, Matan and the other airbenders soon learned that Linjon, along with a waterbender named Cuaiua, had settled in several Earth Kingdom territories in the South that had almost become abandoned since Prince Wu abolished the Earth Kingdom monarchy in 174 AG. Like Lyo and the other masters, Matan became enraged, but remained at the Southern Temple to watch over his airbending students.

Matan was saddened when Lyo, Meelo and Ogomu failed to bring Lyo and his followers back. Matan was disappointed to also learn that Lyo and the other airbenders who had left had taught themselves to use airbending in a more offensive way, fending off multiple Earth Kingdom raids through violence rather than peaceful resolution. Meelo reminded himself of Zaheer, the first airbender to use his airbending for violence and death rather than peace.



Matan is an airbending master.

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