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Masuya is a secondary antagonist in the first book of Avatar: Perfection. She is an ambitious Earthbending master who believes non-benders are useless. She trains groups of young Earthbenders to fight against the Fire Nation.



Not much is known about Masuya's past. She at some point mastered Earthbending and began teaching young Earthbenders how to further their skills and fight the Fire Nation. By doing this, she put many young lives in harm's way. Several years earlier she had met Hero, a 10 year old orphaned boy whose mother was killed by the Fire Nation. Masuya took pity on him and adopted him after learning he was an Earthbender, raising him.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Masuya first appears in the seventh episode of the first book "Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place" when Ryuu, Lia and Shi Lin come upon her school shortly after arriving in the Earth Kingdom. Masuya introduces herself to the three, who explain that they are all from the Earth Kingdom as well (Ryuu hides his true identity). Lia tells Masuya that she is an Earthbender, while Ryuu or "Lee" and Shi Lin are not. Lia seems happy to have found someone who can teach her Earthbending and Masuya accepts her as a student.

Lia joins Masuya's current group of Rarthbenders, made up of about 10 teenagers, including the 17 year old Hero, Masuya's adopted son. She impresses Masuya and the class with her display of Earthbending abilities.


Though at first seemingly kind and spirited Earthbender, Masuya is an overly ambitious and uncaring person. She wants desperately to gain Earthbenders back their glory which she believes they are loosing during the war. Masuya makes it clear that she despises the Fire Nation, and that it should be destroyed all together. She trains her students to help her achieve her dream, often putting them in harm's way of Fire Nation soldiers.

Along with Firebenders, Masuya harbors a great disgust for non-benders as well. She believes they are worthless individuals who cannot exist in a world where bending rules. She treats Shi Lin and Ryuu this way when they meet and discovers that they are not Earthbenders.


Masuya is a master Earthbender and is capable of many powerful and high-level attacks. It takes both the power of Lia's Earthbending and Ryuu's Firebending to just land a hit on her. Her underestimated opinion of Shi Lin eventually was her undoing, as the Earth Kingdom girl gained the upper hand with her butterfly swords from behind.

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