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Masterbender was the title bestowed upon Benders who had achieved a recognized mastery of their elemental form, and the term was used worldwide, though most predominantly within the Fire Nation military forces. Often, Masterbenders would wear some sort of symbol of their rank, such as a belt, amulet or pauldron. Even as a Masterbender it was recognized that further learning was still to be done, and as such Masterbenders were generally ranked by grades, known as 'dan', beginning with first dan and scaling up to fifteenth dan, whereby one was recognized as (one of) the undisputed greatest master(s) of your Bending form either alive or in known history.

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Becoming a Masterbender

To become a Masterbender, you must control all the bending forms and moves of your element. In other words, you must be the greatest bender of your element alive. To achieve this, you must control all the bending forms and moves of your element.This takes mostly 10 or 12 years and therefore, Masterbenders are mostly older than 18 years.

Achieving dans

To scale up in dans, you must learn from a guru and 3 other masters of the other elements, because you must learn the other bending techniques and become master of them (For example: using Airbending techniques while Waterbending). Also you must learn to get in the Spirit World and becoming friends with the spirits. When you have gained control all the other bending forms and become a truly master of them, you're on the tenth dan. When achieved this dan, you're a Grandmaster. After becoming a grandmaster, you begin to learn the ultimate form of bending: controlling your element in the other elements. First you must learn to control the closest related element (for Water = Air), then the second related (Earth) and finally the opposite element (Fire). When you learned all this, you have achieved the fifteenth dan. This is for the most benders impossible because they mostly haven't achieved spiritual freedom (This you get by studying the Air Nomads and the Spirit World). For Avatars, becoming a Masterbender is rather easy because they mostly control the other elements before becoming a Masterbender and because they are the bridge between our world and the Spirit World. When achieved total alignment with the Spirit World and mastered all the elements, the bender may call himself Elementbender.

Behind the scenes

The concept of the Masterbender rank and the multiple levels of it was drawn from the concept of the black belt having dan grades in many martial art forms.

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