By The Ultimate Waterbender Part of the When Air Nomads Walked the Earth continuity.
"Excellent, excellent! Your performance of the airball technique is marvelous, my young pupil."
— Master Yangsu to Syra in What Next?
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Air Nomads; Eastern Air Temple



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Syra, Tyla, Airbending students, Sister Iio, Air Nomads

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Airbending Instructor, Teacher


Air Nomads

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Two Separate Lives

Master Yangsu, otherwise known as Yangsu, is a middle-aged Airbending instructor, tutoring young Air Nomads at the Eastern Air Temple the art of Airbending as well as academic subjects. She is a character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Master Yangsu was born to two unnamed Air Nomads and given to the nuns of the Eastern Air Temple where she was placed under the care of Sister Xang. Sister Xang hoped that one day Yangsu would become a school teacher, educating children in what she described as the "political complexities of this universe that so contradicts our [the Air Nomads] beliefs of peace and simplicity." Yangsu vowed her guardian that she would pursue an occupation in teaching and academics, an ambition that was only urged further when Sister Xang later died of cancer when Yangsu was only eighteen.

At only nineteen years-old, Yangsu became a teacher at the small Air Nomad school located in the Central Division of the Eastern Air Temple. Originally, she was teaching classes ranging from eight to twelve students. As her promising knowledge, kindness towards students and teaching skills improved over time, she was soon responsible for teaching classes of twenty to twenty-five students.

Yangsu eventually landed a career in Airbending instructing. Her patience and dedication outshined all the rest who soon came to idolize her. She helps students prepare and train for the annual Airbending tournaments.


Yangsu is a bright, charming woman, a fluent public speaker and a devoted teacher. Gentle yet firm with her students, she encourages her pupils to work hard yet ardently. A general pacifist, she becomes upset at the sight of conflict or over-obsessive rivalry among students and is not afraid to disrupt a fight, notably when she reprimanded Syra and Jia after both verbally attacked each other.


Yangsu is a gifted Airbender, able to perform Airbending moves with the utmost skill and grace. She received her Airbending Mastery tattoos at the age of sixteen and her remarkable Airbending skill eventually landed her a job as an Airbending instructor. Yangsu is also incredibly intelligent and brilliant teacher.

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