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Two Separate Lives

Master Shyo, otherwise known as Shyo, is a rigid teacher at the local school in Sen Go. He is a character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Shyo was born in Sen Go and resided in the village all his life. Like most Fire Nation parents, Shyo's father, Zeilin, and mother, Alienza, paid close attention to his studies, sending him to the local Fire Nation school to be taught discipline and proper etiquette. Under the teachings and instructions of a harsh master who was not afraid to use corporal punishment to chastise students, Shyo was shaped into a morally upright and insensitive pupil. His master was one of the first teachers in his generation to train students in the new method of employing Firebending by being fueled by hatred and rage.

Being the way he was raised, Shyo was driven into becoming a very intelligent student with a promising future in academics. Given his superior knowledge, it was not surprising to Zeilin and Alienza when Shyo was offered a teaching job at the very school he attended as a kid. He was twenty-two years-old when he first taught his very own class in both academic subjects and in Firebending training.

Shyo takes great pride and pleasure in educating the young civilians of Sen Go, saying it gives him the opportunity to "pass on the knowledge, skill and morals that were driven into his nature when he was younger." Although he does not believe in strict, corporal punishment as his own master, he is rigid, merciless and inflexible all the same. He wishes to hammer into students the importance of good etiquette and never misses an opportunity to chastise a student that is falling behind in his or her studies.


Being the subject of a cruel, severe master when he was young, it was ingrained in Shyo from a very early age that it was extremely important that he not be lax or wreckless in any way. He grew up a stern, humorless child, traits that eventually carried on into his adulthood. Cold and affirmative as a teacher, he passes down his childhood teachings in a similar manner to all Fire Nation teachers. He is, for the most part, impassive towards his students, seemingly lacking in feelings of sympathy or outright joy and difficult to persuade.


Shyo is a master of the art of Firebending, passing on his methods of Firebending to his students. Like his old master, he believes Firebending power should derive from hatred, rage and cold hard drive.

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