By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
Piandao grins
Master Raul
Biographical information

Fire Nation



Physical description


Hair color

Black turning gray

Skin color

Dark; Asian

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

The Dancing Dragon


Order of the White Lotus, Shoji



Chronological and political information

Order of the White Lotus

First appearance

The Firebending Master (main article)

Master Raul is a skilled Firebender and a member of the Order of the White Lotus. He is a good man who believes in the greater good and teaching his students the true ways of Firebending.


Master Raul started out as a Firebending teacher at the Fire Nation school where Shoji went. When he saw Shoji, he knew that the boy was destined for great things. So he decided to teach him the ancient ways of Firebending, which included the Dancing Dragon.

However, Princess Azula heard about his skills and his position in the secret group, the Order of the White Lotus. When Master Raul heard wind of her plan to imprison him, he fled the school, leaving his student Shoji only a white lotus Pai Sho tile. It is presumed that he joined the rest of the people in the Order at their base.


Master Raul is calm, thoughtful, and patient. He is also strong, powerful, and malevolent. This side often appears when he is using his Firebending. When he is not Firebending, he is the perfect image of a contemplative person.


Master Raul is an adept Firebender. He is a master and has many advanced abilities. His fighting style is also different from that of other Firebenders. He has most likely visited the Sun Warrior Ruins and met the dragons, learning the true meaning of Firebending.

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