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Zhin Tsu, Takeo, Hetsuki, Tetsuri


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The Sages Apprentice

Master Lempuh is one of the elder sages residing in the Fire Temple located in the capital city. He's very old and wise, many students fear him due to his strict nature and everyone claims he's very grumpy. He takes great pride in his Firebending abilities and is the head Firebending instructor in the temple. He is the former student of Master Zhin Tsu and is known to favor Hetsuki and Tetsuri due to their influence with rich and noble families. He is considered to be the second strongest bender in the temple after Zhin Tsu. Zhin Tsu claims that everything considered, Takeo is the second and Lempuh is the third, but he would never tell him.



Lempuh was born and raised in the Fire Temple. Having spent his whole life there, he studied under many masters and became a master Firebender. He had read all of the scrolls in the temples archive and became very knowledgeable and smart. As years progressed he meant under the tutelage of Zhin Tsu and took his Firebending one level further. Nowadays, he spends his days training students in Firebending.

Book 1:Air

Lempuh was shown training his students and finally reached a boiling point with Takeo's "smugness". He then takes him to Zhin Tsu and returns to train his students.


Lempuh is very strict and unforgiving. He constantly looks for reasons to double his students training and always undermines others. He is very greedy, giving Hetsuki and Tetsuri special treatment so the temple can get more funding. He has a dislike to Takeo because he sees that he is already above Lempuh and so he believes that everything Takeo does is to somehow prove his superiority over Lempuh. Lempuh is considered very loud, scary and senile by many.


Lempuh is a master Firebender, according to Zhin Tsu Lempuh is slightly weaker than Takeo, but that's purely do to his age. Due to his masterful knowledge of Firebending, Lempuh is the head Firebending instructor.


  • His name is pronounced as it's read.
  • Lempuh will play a very important role in the future.
  • Lempuh didn't know about Takeo's true identity until it was made public.

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