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Mian and Zura find an interesting fact about the visiting dignitary. Meanwhile rumors of a crazed assassin are driving everybody nuts!


Mian thought he would never hear the end of it. Everywhere people where talking about the assassin. Supposedly, some crazed assassin wanted to kill High Admiral Zhen, the visiting officer. Zhen was one of the most powerful people in the kingdom. He was responsible for the semi-successful invasion of the Water Tribe. Mian had heard enough of it; he and Zura were at the Protectors base. Zhen was giving a speech at the Governor's palace, and everyone was eagerly awaiting it. Mian's team was doing their regular inspection. Unlike normal policemen they moved through the darkest shadows in the darkest alleys. There they would purposely wait for someone to say slander the government or anything related to the government. The second anyone did that, they would attack them. Luckily, no one had slandered the government, yet. Though Mian despised this job he had to do it. So far he only had two reasons for doing this job; one of them was that he had to spy on the government. The other one, which was slightly embarrassing, was that he needed money. They only had some Water Tribe coins, and almost no Island coins. So, as he and Zura continued to lurk around they wondered what the girls were doing.

Tia did not like this outdoor market, there were bugs everywhere along with the all of the loud talking. She liked the Earth Kingdom malls a lot better, there were all of these nice stores built in to a very large building and everything was quiet. Another thing she hated here was that she could not buy everything she wanted. But, that was not the worst not only could she not buy clothes or jewelry she could only buy food or supplies. She hated it, so that was why she let Ami do this part. Sometimes, she wished that she could just go back home and visit the Royal Spa. She then noticed that Ami was far ahead and ran to catch up.

Ami was not a huge fan of shopping for food. However, the boys trusted her more with the money then Tia. She did not like to brag but she was a decent cook, which was part of her Air Nomad training. Unlike Tia she was used to this entire bustle and scurried from one shop to another. She was curious what the boys were doing, probably attacking the innocent. She knew they hated it, but wished that they did something else to get inside the government. She also wished that they would have consulted her and Tia before they made such an important decision. She noticed Tia was no longer next to her and turned to see the princess scurry past all of the dirty people.

Zura hated capturing the old man, but if he did not then his cover would be blown. He made a fire whip out of the alley, and pinned the man against a wall. Jeong then moved to take him back to the base. Back at the base while everyone was relaxing, Zura and Mian lurked around the complex. As far as they knew this was a large, metallic underground bunker-like base that was under the entire city. One could go anywhere from this place. As they lurked they found that there were several rooms with important documents, however there were always people inside. So, they decided to make a map if they ever need to find a room again. While walking, they heard footsteps and stopped at the corner of a hallway. The heavily dressed man was Admiral Zhen; he did not notice the two and walked on. Once, they could no longer hear his footsteps they turned the corner. The hallway split into two, each one leading to a large door. The one on the right was an armory, with hundreds of swords and masks. They slowly moved to the door on the left, and were surprised to find it unlocked. The peeked in to see a
Ozai kneeling

The throne room

large room, somewhat like a throne room. There was a high throne surrounded by flames, and sitting on top was the Governor. They saw him talking to two protectors, in full armor. They could hear him saying:

"Zhen shall attack the Water Tribe, soon; all should be prepared for this day."

"The public should not be aware, also he has told me that before he leaves he will spend several weeks here preparing."

"Thus, I have allowed him to stay at my palace, and have doubled the security."

"However, he needs several personal guards, and I have a team in mind, right Captain Jeong?"

The two were surprised to see their captain walk out of the shadows and bow.

"You are all dismissed" said the Governor.

One of the Protectors thought he had hears some whispering and moved to open the door. Almost instantaneously he was at the door, he found it unlocked and opened it. He looked out to see an empty hallway. He then turned back to the Governor and bowed.


  • This Chapter was originally supposed to be much longer, but Avatar accidentally deleted it.

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