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"Kambi, get your ass out of the damn bushes and come greet your mother!"
— Marisolla to Kambi in Mommy Dearest
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  • Spartan Islands
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Mommy Dearest

Marisolla is the mother of Kambi, daughter of Kama, and the wife of the Spartan Island chief. Though she means well, Marisolla has tendencies to be very loud, rude, and obnoxious.



Marisolla was born in the Spartan Islands. She went through life known as "the tough girl" and was a but of a bully. At the age of twenty, Marisolla got married to a Water Tribe immigrant from the Foggy Swamp Tribe, and the two of them had three children, the youngest one being Kambi. After Kambi left with his siblings to fight the Fire Nation, Marisolla went into a deep depression, and began to smoke and drink heavily. After learning of the death of her first two kids, Marisolla went over the edge with her smoking and drinking for the next five years.

Marisolla soon began to become very over-protective of Kambi, to the point where Kambi was terrified of being around her. She kept up heavy contact with him, and, apparently visited the Rebel City at least once before the Spring of 130 AG. During the visit(s), she met Kambi's highest ranking advisers, Ray and Giu, whom also quickly grew to fear Marisolla and her harsh actions.

Most Recent Visit

After the arrival of Team Rebel, Marisolla decides to once again visit Kambi. Despite Kambi's efforts, she spots Kambi hiding in the bushes with a cheap disguise on, and screams at him to get out of the bushes, but then begins kissing his cheek and calling him her "Kamb-cake". Desperate to get rid of her to avoid further humiliation, Kambi than asks Giu to escort Marisolla to her room. As Marisolla and Giu walk down the halls, Giu accidentally tells her about the battle, and Kambi nearly dying, causing Marisolla to tell Kambi she is taking him back to the Spartan Islands.

Due to the fact that he is too scared too face her by himself, Kambi asks Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu to talk to Marisolla. The minute Marisolla hears them question her parenting, however, she grabs all five of them by the ear and throws them out the window. Finally, Kambi decides to step up to Marisolla. After a quick discussion, she is at first convinced that he does know what he's doing, but when an assassin sneaks into the room and nearly kills Kambi, Marisolla is still not convinced. Instead of taking Kambi with her to the Spartan Islands, however, she leaves Kambi's senile grandmother (whom she snuck into the city so she wouldn't have to pay extra travel money) to watch him, saying that Kama, as opposed to her, doesn't have a life ahead of her anyway.


Despite not being a bender, Marisolla has exhibited the ability to be a more than capable fighter. Her most notable quality is her strength, being able to grab five teenagers by the ear with only one finger each. Marisolla was also able to lift up an assassin two feet off of the ground with just one arm, and snap his neck in just seconds.

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