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"If you seek the scrolls,
you may no longer be you."

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Marionette in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Beware the strings of the marionette.
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Marionette is a fanon created and written by WaterbenderTaikai.


Keiroh is sixteen-years old, a skilled waterbender, and has just learned that he must keep the Earth out of the evil clutches of "The Manipulator", an ominous villain who plans to run the world with his "darkness cells". Arius, Azani, and Hytoki tag along to help defeat this madman and his army in an exciting adventure through the Avatar World.


Note: The following section and respective sub-sections contains several spoilers for Marionette. Proceed if desired.

Main Protagonists

  • Keiroh — the main protagonist; a sixteen year old waterbender who was visited by Ming Yun, the spirit of destiny, at birth, he was given prophecy from her to save the world from "The Manipulator"
  • Arius Liuqin — an archer and best friend to Keiroh; his father, a Dai Li agent, neglected him because he was not an earthbender, and thus paid attention to Arius' twins earthbender sisters instead
  • Azani — an old pen-pal of Keiroh's and a high-class Fire Nation citizen; a strong firebender who doesn't appreciate the Hundred Year War
  • Hytoki — Azani's best friend and a silly Kyoshi Warrior; she often has good ideas, but sometimes has really goofy ones


  • Manipulator Zengfel — the leader of the darkness cell army who created the darkness cells and wields the abilities to bend them; his motive is to take down the world using his darkness cells and a secret weapon
  • Darkness cells — small units that Zengfel created in order to take down the world; Zengfel can bend these cells into whatever he wishes

Minor Characters

  • Ming Yun — the spirit of destiny and a special belief in the Northern Water Tribe; she gave Keiroh a prophecy at birth that would help him in his future
  • Taiko and Kaiol – Keiroh's parents
  • The Liuqin family – consists of Arius (although runaway), his twin sisters, mother, and father


v - e - dMarionette chapters
Book One: Scars
Prologue · 1 - Death, Departure, Destiny
Book Two: Strings
Book Three: Puppet


All the art that is used for all articles pertaining to Marionette is drawn by WaterbenderTaikai, as well as all art that will be produced in the future.


Keiroh first sketch

The main inspiration of the fanon.

  • The ideas of Marionette actually started with nothing except a picture. I was bored one day and only wanted to draw a waterbender. I didn't know what he would be or who he was, I just created him from my thoughts. ;) How about that? You never know what can inspire a story.
  • Some other inspiration actually has come from my good friend and fellow agent, Minnichi. After reading all of Silent Hero in Emerald that was released, I was really in a fanon mood. Some of the spark that lit the initiative to start writing Marionette came from reading her greatness. (Thanks, btw. XD)

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