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Aang and Tenzin By AvatarMJC See other fanon and fan fiction works from AvatarMJC.
Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


Water Tribe


19 (biologically 20)


2002 AG


Ching Xue (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending (Southern and Northern Style), Earthbending (Chu Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu), Firebending, Airbending, Energybending


Southern Water Tribe, Katara, Zuko, all Avatars, Claw , Paris, Lightning, Makoto, Huo, more...


Chief Nakoke, Earth King Xiao, Fire Lord Wangzuha, Monk Huredaeng, Professor Tihuan, Feng En, Azula, Southern Raiders, The Master, Northern Water Tribe, more...

Chronological and political information

Waterbending instructor


Fully Realized Avatar


Team Avatar
Water Tribe

Avatar Mario was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe and is the successor of Avatar Ching Xue. A gifted bender with a powerful strength to protect the world. All of his past lives accompany him to another journey and practice the elements once again.


Early Life

Avatar Mario was born in the South Pole and he is the Avatar succeeding Ching Xue. He was a smart boy born in 2002 AG. He was a waterbender. He was found by Katara. He was so strong and he mastered waterbending in the age of 6. Somehow, his age was a year aged up. He was supposed to be 19 but 20. He thought he was freezed in an iceberg for a year. And it's true.

2017 AG -2018 AG

He met Anisa in the age of 16. Avatar Mario accomplished many things. They took away a black magic in Zuko's body, saved Southern Air Temple, found historical history in Wan Shi Tong's library, stopped the Southern Raiders, and more.

At the age of 17, he was confirmed as the Avatar, one year later than usual. He travelled to Hidden City for one week with Anisa. He found forbidden forests, clear mazed river, a beautiful, mystical waterfall, etc. He was so uncomfortable. So, he decided to leave with Anisa. At the age of 17, he studied the elements: Earth, Fire and Air. He studied Energybending from Ching Xue. He defeated Geena with help from Anisa.

2019 AG

He didn't have many scary adventures, but one thing for sure is that he defeated the government, the professor, and the Dance Host with his friends. He was so happy that he could win a competition in the Closing Spring Celebration with Anisa. He studied the elements this time from scrolls. He decided to travel around the world.

2020 AG

This year was the toughest year in his life. He got to redo what he did in 2019 AG. He met Makoto and Huo, a firebender and an earthbender and they joined Pro Bending. Defeat remaining teams, passing many matches until the final. They got to defeat the Zakaixi King. But, the Final was canceled. They sneaked through the Zakaixi King's Mansion. and defeat every guards together and took Zakaixi King's bending. They did so many things in the South Pole as well. Avatar Mario created the tallest tower ever to slide! He and Anisa went to slide and rest. Katara asked me to go buy some groceries in the Northern Earth Kingdom.  When he returned North Pole attacked.

Historical Fall War

3 October 2020 AG, a war started between all 4 nations. Mario helped the South Pole defending his city without doing any attacks. But Mario attacks and stops the attack from the North Pole. He hid in Roku's Island with Anisa and Bella. He returned to South Pole and unite with his animal companions. Claw, the dragon, Paris the Polar Bear and Lightning, the Polar Bear Dog. He made a protection and travel the world to stop the war.

Avatar Mario Almost defeat

Avatar Mario almost lose to Droplet during the war.

He defeated Monk Huredaeng from the Air Nomads. He was one of the leader who helped Chief Nakoke leading the war. He defeated the prince of the Fire Nation, the Fire Lady and Fire Lord Wangzuha, Earth King Xiao and family, and Chief Nakoke family and ended the historical war and become a fully-realized Avatar.


Mario was a funny, humorous guy. Similar to Aang, he employed frustration rather than violence. But, if it's a serious battle, he will do it in a serious way. He liked to ride on Claw, Paris, and Lightning. He even made a prank when there was an important meeting by making water bombs and making all of the papers wet.

Avatar Mario stands the cold in the South Pole

Avatar Mario proving the people in the South Pole that he could resist the cold in Winter.

He tried to hold his sensitive personality by making jokes. He was talkative like Ikki. He wanted happiness and joy. In a logic test, he always laughed with no reason causing him to get into a Water Duel against the teacher. "Damn it! I gonna defeat you, Mr. Watery Watery, sir!" teased Mario. He was no coward and face situation like that in a silly way. He always curious in something, like when he was curious how Katara, Zuko, Pakku, Zhao survived.

Mario always remember the quote that he made. The quote makes him strong. If, Mario remembers the quote, his attitude changes. And the water butterfly wings appear after his attitude changes.



As a reincarnation of the entity known as the Avatar, Mario possessed the power to bend all four elements, making him the strongest and most powerful bender of his time. Because the Avatar Spirit had mastered all the elements many lifetimes over, Mario had exceptional natural bending talents and could bend all four elements at the same time.

Although, Mario hasn't mastered the bending yet, he mastered waterbending already. He used bending not for bad purpose.


As this was his native element, he possessed a great reflex of a waterbending master. Taught by Katara, he was stronger than any other waterbenders that ever live, making him as the waterbending master, and the best waterbender in the world. He used waterbending to heal also. He rarely used bloodbending because he didn't want to do any bad things. He could spin himself with waterbending and attacks his enemy by spinning himself again and sometimes he made the water became a water sprinkler. As a waterbender, he has the ability to plantbend and do changes of states of water. Waterbending was the element Avatar Mario usually bend.

Avatar Mario waterbending

Avatar Mario waterbending in all three states

He used waterbending with La and gains power from Yue when in the North Pole and went to Zhao's mansion and wanted to kill him. Mario prevent himself from killing Zhao and he stopped La. But, La still had the revenge as Zhao killed Tui. Zhao was killed once again. Mario used waterbending once more to help La going to the Spirit Oasis.

He used his first spirit oasis water to prevent Zuko from dying and he took the Black Magic from Azula by heal him using normal, fresh cold water. He healed so many people during the war. He used plantbending sometimes to protect himself.


He used earthbending for some purposes. Making a prison underground, attacking people, defending people, making people run away because the shake from the ground. He used earthbending as his second most used bending. His earthbending master was Huo. During his training, he had some difficulties. He didn't like to do too much physics but earthbending was useful. But, he was able to control it. Earthbending was haven't been mastered by Mario.

Avatar Mario earthbending

Even without the Avatar State, Mario can bend the earth as a transportation, defense, and offense.

Mario was able to use defensive defend and offensive attacks. He could sense where people are hiding. He used seismic sense. He gained his earthbending power from a golden badgermole. He was really good at it and he could make a giant earth shield in the South Pole, protecting his city. He could spin himself just like what he did in waterbending.


Firebending was the hardest bending for him. As fire was the opposite element from his native element. He used firebending least because of his difficulties. He learned firebending once from the dragons, Ran and Shaw, and sometimes his animal companion, Claw.

Avatar Mario firebending

Avatar Mario disguising himself as the Fire Man and showed the villagers how good he is at firebending

His firebending master is Makoto, Huo's big brother. Mario could spin fire just what he did in waterbending but with a lot of difficulties. If he's angry, fire from his hands appear and sometimes make a place destroyed.


Airbending was quite easy for the Avatar. Mario used airbending as the third most bending because of the supply of air everywhere. He usually forget about airbending and focused more on firebending. He hasn't got a master yet. So, he studied by himself. He visited the Air Nomads but sometimes he hated it because of the stupid rules.

Avatar Mario airbending

Avatar Mario practices to be the leaf

He once ever trained with a Sky Bison, the original source of airbending. He used airbending to make fresh air and sometimes make the weather colder in the South Pole to prank people. He almost mastered airbending. He admit that at first, he had some difficulties. He usually used cloudbending and soundbending.


Mario learned this technique from Ching Xue, Avatar before him. Mario could remove and restore people's bending. People had difficulties to take his bending as he mastered it already. He said that energybending was a funny bending. He once transferred the knowledge to a non-bender in the South Pole and removed it back. As usual, he laughed again.

Avatar Mario energybending

Avatar Mario taking Chief Nakoke's bending and end the war during the Northern Comet.

He used energybending to take Nopart's bending, Zakaixi King's bending, Monk Huredaeng's bending, Boton's bending, Fire Lady Rember's bending, Fire Lord Wangzuha's bending, Keiko's bending, Earth Queen Suhua's bending, Earth King Xiao's bending, Mist's bending, Wet's bending, Droplet's bending, Tribal Chief Wife Lavender's bending, and Chief Nakoke's bending to end the war.

Other Skills

Mario was an intelligent, wise, brave, trusted, and smart boy. He answered all logical questions. He had the ability to dodge a non-bender's attack. He was really good if he wanted to escape from a trouble. He was good at voice-acting too. Katara planned to make a film in the South Pole after the war. Mario was really good at disguising as other people and can hide anywhere even in an empty room.

Avatar Mario Logical Bending

Avatar Mario answered all logical questions correctly.

He answered a question:

  • If there's 500 bricks in an airplane and one fell, how many were left? 499!
  • Tell 3 steps to put an elephant into a fridge! Open, put it inside, close!
  • Tell 4 steps to put a horse into a fridge! Open, Shoo the elephant, put the horse, close!
  • Lion is having a birthday party, all of the animals from all over the world come to the party. But one animal didn't come. What is that animal? Horse because it's in the fridge!
  • A grandma wanted to come too. She had to cross the river which has so many crocodiles. How can she pass through? Just swim! The crocodiles weren't there!
  • Last question. The grandma drawn and die. Why? Because the brick from the airplane fell to her head!

He answered all bending questions. He usually gone wild and angry if someone was saying that he or she was the Avatar. He didn't want to blow his position as the Avatar, so he just do one bending only in a battle. He was really good at using swords. He was shown to be a good trainer for the animals to fight.

Avatar Spirit

As the reincarnation from the past Avatar, Mario could connect himself to Ching Xue, his spiritual mentor. Studying the Avatars and more. He usually connects with Ri, a firebender and Song, an earthbender. Ri and Song possessed as his deeper spiritual mentor.

Avatar State 2002 AG

Avatar Mario and his past lives appearing themselves to Chief Nakoke and end the war.

When he goes to the Avatar State, he was really strong. Sometimes, his past lives such as Ching Xue or Ri or Song might control his action. Preventing from something bad. He hated it if he connects with Song because he's too serious and don't understand the situation sometimes.


As the Avatar, Mario also had the capacity to act as a medium, a bridge between mortal world and the Spirit World, the plane of existence where the universe's disembodied spirits dwell. Through inducing a deep meditative state, Mario could separate from his body and travel the physical world's astral plane in astral form or, with the help of a gateway, travel completely to the Spirit World. Once in the Spirit World, Mario could travel freely and communicate with beings such as Avatar Ching Xue or Koh the Face Stealer. This position as intermediary also allowed him to channel other spirits while in the Avatar State. He once combined with the Ocean Spirit to defeat Zhao. He had also channeled the spirits of previous Avatars, namely Ching Xue and Ri.


  • Avatar Mario ever promised to end the war before his 20th birthday since the war has started and he named his promise as his lifelong promise. It's similar to Naruto that he promised Sakura to bring Sasuke back by naming his promise as the lifelong promise.
  • Mario's skin is not as dark as the other Water Tribe people usual skin.
  • His eyes' color is Dark Brown and not blue like other Water Tribe people.
  • Avatar Mario's favorite quote is "My wisdom comes from my experiences. My passion comes from pain. My confidence hides insecurities. My weaknesses makes me stronger."
Preceded by
Ching Xue
2002 {AG - Present
Succeeded by
Incumbent, successor to be born in Earth Kingdom

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