By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Unknown universe he created himself

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information

Can turn his robe into wings, telepathic, luck charms


Team Avatar, Teen Titans, Spirit Council, Lacerta, Lycaeon

Chronological and political information

Spirit Council

First appearance

First - Toph's Training Course

Marage is a mysterious being in this story from another universe. He was born with no arms, just legs. No one knows why, not even Marage knows. He has special powers to be able to use his rope for large wing flaps to take to the air, and can glide for long distances thanks to his featherweight body. He also can make a unique call that's a mix of a spring peeper frog's crock, a canary's chirp, and a musical note.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

His past was very special among anyone, or anything else. He began his life in the cosmos, no official home or birthplace. Unable to find anywhere to suit him, he decides one fateful day to create his own universe where he can live. His world he calls "The Journey Franchise". He got himself to be born on the world and spent it their like a global sandbox, traveling around alone with his spirit kites he can summon. But after a long while, he decides to take his traveling further and had traveled to new worlds. His final stop being Altonia.

He first appears in Altonia on a plateau when Terra sees him on top, watching them. He stayed their until the next morning after Terra's training. All he did was help Toph by giving her a luck charm. He telepathically tells them that the arrowed kid will be safe before he flies off and disappears.

He shows up later on after he reincarnated Nobutora into Lycaeon. He goes on explaining that Lycaeon needs to find his friends, whom aren't too far away. He shows up alongside the African wild dog much later as a silent role, and shows up as a mirage when he gives a last look at the team, excited for when they meet again.

Colossi Arc

During most of the 3rd arc, Marage keeps showing up upon different team members as they were fighting their colossi, often to ether tell them they have another colossi to fight or to tell them how their Ultimate Forms works.

Off-screen, he goes out and tells Lacerta to keep an eye on the team and inform him on when there ready to go.

Avatar: New Universe III

He disappears for the sequel, but in the third installment he returns with the leading Spirit Council members. He was glad to see his old friends for the longest time, and is now a Spirit Council member. He goes with them to give them the offer back.

When they do arrive back in the Core, he realizes Zuko isn't there now. So he decides to go back to get him as they continue their little tour.

He returns with Zuko after explaining what is going on to him, and he gives them a hand on how things are done. When after they were told of the legend of Arceus, Zuko tells him to go back to the Fire Nation to help his sister Azula with her ruling while he's away. He agrees and goes to help her.

Although he agrees, he does come back time and time again to help the team in creating Kyouga. Not only that, he gives them Golden Core Keys, so they are able to come back anytime they want to.

The next day he was summond by Zygarde, whom requests him to go with the teams. He politely declines saying that he was already given a job to do, any is gonna keep it. After explaining, he left.

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