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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Corruption and Redemption.

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Azula, Ember Island Mental Hospital

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Mental health expert

  • Phd in Mental treatment
  • One of the best doctors in the Fire Nation
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  • Azula
  • Ember Island Mental Hospital
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Silent Suffering

Dr. Mao is a minor character in the fanon story Corruption and Redemption, written by Kilo99. He is often considered one of the best mental doctors in the entire Fire Nation, he currently works at the Ember Island Mental Hospital.


Early Life

Mao was born to a middle-class Fire Nation family, his father was an assistant to a mental doctor, his mother, however, was mentally ill. His mother had gone crazy due to his younger brother dying of cancer. When he would see her at the mental hospital where his father also worked, he vowed he would become a mental doctor when he grew up to help people like his mother.

Life as a Doctor

After he graduated form a Fire Nation University, he began his studies in mental health. After about 4 years of researching and testing, he finally got his Ph.D. in mental health treatment. He gave therapy to many people, all of whom became better almost immediately after his sessions. After 10 years of helping the mentally ill, he heard that Phoenix King Ozai was overthrown by the Avatar, he was relieved because he personally hated Ozai's decisions. After the current Fire Lord, Zuko, heard about Mao's skills, he assigned his mentally insane sister to Mao in hopes of curing her. Mao accepted.

The Most Important Seccion

When Mao was going to give Azula her first session, he was sure to be calm and persuasive to her, as Zuko described the severity of her insanity. After Mao gave his session, he realized that Azula had nobody to show her any compassion in her life, so he was determine to either do this himself or find Azula somebody that would cherish her. He would further figure this out in her next session.

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