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Earth Kingdom

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Ba Sing Se


Republic City




18 September, 81 AG

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Three brothers, two children


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Mantia serves as the referee in The Inaugural Pro-Bending Match.

History Edit

Mantia was born in Ba Sing Se in late 81 AG, the third of four siblings. He lived in the Middle Ring for most of his life, and was raised in a strict environment by his parents. Mantia's parents always made sure he and his three brothers stayed in line, quickly punishing them if they violated the rules. This was to prepare them for service in the Hundred Year War, which their parents felt was inevitable.

In 98 AG, at the age of seventeen, Mantia was drafted into war service. Being a non-bender, he served more in reserve units, not seeing as much battle time. In 100 AG, when the Earth Kingdom rebellions launched, Mantia helped fill in some fighting roles. He was discharged upon the War's end.

Following the War, Mantia settled down. He eventually married in 103 AG and had two children with his wife. Just like his father had enforced on him, Mantia had strict rules for his children, one son and one daughter, making sure they grew up into dignified adults.

In 107 AG, the family moved to Republic City. Mantia then took on police service, his force being the law enforcement that preceded the Metalbending Police Force. Mantia was a strict enforcer, jailing some of the highest numbers of lawbreakers in his 32-year career. Mantia enjoyed seventeen years as a captain in the Republic City Police Department, however, he lost his job as the force began to disband over time. The Metalbending Police Force became the largest police unit in the city, and soon, the RCPD's role was reduced to the point of break-up.

Mantia then worked various jobs until, in 148 AG, he saw ads for the new sport, pro-bending. He volunteered to be an official in one of the test matches. When he was given his chance, he proved quite smart and knowing of the rules, and was one of five officials chosen to become a referee in the main sport. To his even greater honor, thanks to his high-class officiating in his demo match, Mantia earned the official's spot for the first match.

The match Edit

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Personality Edit

Mantia is a strict person in general, thanks to his years of growing up under strict rules in his parents' home, and also due to serving in the military and the RCPD. He grooms his children to ensure that they become dignified adults. Sometimes, he and his wife conflict over his rule enforcement. However, he does love his children dearly and does show his softer side to them several times.

Abilities Edit

Mantia is a fast reactor; very little slips under his watchful eye. Thanks to this, he was quickly able to arrest law breakers during his service in the RCPD, and was quickly able to catch fouls during his test match. All in all, it's hard to try any funny business under his watchful eye.

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