By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
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Mango City
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Mango City is a large and prosperous city in the Central Fire Nation, just east of the Fire Nation Capital. They elect their mayors democratically, though the city is all in all ruled by Azula.


Mango City was founded in 101 AG by one of Phoenix King Ozai's government officials. The founding was mostly for power and exporting of actual mangoes, though it was also very convenient and inexpensive, as there was no need to clear out any trees or wildlife. The city automatically prospered, and eventually became a large place of hustle and bustle. The city also became very liberal, making their form of government democratic, something Supreme Fire Lord Azula barely aloud.

In 130 AG, Team Rebel tried to take refuge in the city, though they were attacked by General Yi. They were nearly killed, though Mina was able to discover Yi's one secret to his unique powers, and they were able to force him to flee.


The city starts with a large collection of houses, by a forest and where all the nobles live for peace and quite, and then is divided in half by a large river, where the city's bay is put into great use. Fish and seaweed are exported to the nobles in the Fire Nation Capital, or given to some of the nobles in the city. Past the river, large buildings and streets are built. The area is described as the "city of the city". The streets are lively and busy, with many poor people roaming them. The mayor is the only wealthy person that lives in the area, though he lives on a large section secluded by a wall.


  • The Cabbage Merchant (now the Fire Flakes merchant) lives here. [1]


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