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Shan-Yu Siwang/Mandarin
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Fire Nation Capital, Fire Nation


Fire Nation



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Makluan Rings




The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Fire Nation

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Iron Man is Born

Mandarin is the mysterious man in black dragon armor who wants to rule the Fire Nation with the powers of Makluan Rings. He is one of the main antagonists of season 1.


Not much known about his early life but at some point he was date with Karai who is the crown princess of Fire Nation. But then, he got brokenhearted when he found out that Karai was in love with Spider-Man. He is upset and his plan to become the Fire Lord was failed. After he and Karai broke up, he go back to his home in Western Fire Nation, he accident step on the button that release the Makluan Temple. When the Temple rise up from the underground, he walk to find out what it is and accident wake up the first guardian of the Temple, Melter. The Melter run after him into the Dragon Statue's chamber and wake the second guardian, Grey Gargoyle. The both guardians attempted to kill him for invaded the place. He climb up on the Dragon Statue to go away from the guardians. He go inside the mouth of the statue and found all ten Makluan Rings and wear because he think these are the treasures that they are protected. Then, his body have surround by the energy and then he was inside the black dragon armor. Then, he climb out and he's accident activate the red ring and shoot fire to Grey Gargoyle and destroy it. Then, he got a new plan be the Fire Lord. He's jump down from the Dragon Statue and use the orange ring to shoot freeze ray to Melter and freeze him into the frozen solid. After defeated both guardians, he walk out from the Makluan Temple and calling himself Mandarin.


Look at first, he look like a good and nice man but inside it's turn out he is a mastermind and cruel. His love with Karai is just a key for him to be new Fire Lord. He care Karai's life because she is a key for him to become as Fire Lord.




As people of Fire Nation, he is can bend fire in every way that he wanted. He also can use lightning generation too.

Makluan Rings

With powers of all ten rings, he became the god-like.


He is a great fighter and can fight hand-to-hand.


  • He can do everything he wanted with all ten rings.
  • He is a great mastermind.
  • In Chinese, Siwang means "death".

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