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The Mānchē (translated as The People) were a tribal based government hailing from the continent of Nayām̐.


The origins of the Manche can be traced back three thousand years to the Southern Water Tribe as a single clan that lived along the northern shore. For practicing worship of Agni, the god of fire, the clan was banished from the South Pole and took to the sea.

They sailed north until they encountered the Hava Tribe, a band of firebenders that had yet to be included in Fire Sages that were uniting the Fire Nation at the time. After a brief conflict between the two tribes, the two sides agreed that fighting was pointless and in what became as the Great Unification banded together and took to the sea.

After more than a month of sailing, the newly united tribe landed on the shores of a large island continent which they named Nayām̐. Their new land was a harsh one, however, as the heart of it was dominated by a massive volcano which they named Mount Agni, after their beloved god.

The Manche quickly discovered that the slopes and lands around the mountain were perfect for farming, and the inner caves were lush with valuable minerals. Thus the Clans that made up the tribe entered an era of prosperity that would dominate their culture for three thousand years.

By the year 2080 BG, things began to change. Increased volcanic activity within Mount Agni forced the Clans to abandon all but the shallowest mines. The resulting lack of valuable minerals caused a full collapse of Nayām̐'s economy. By 2067 BG, the Manche's people had shifted their focus from metal working to farming as a means of survival. But the winter of that year brought about the worst weather they had seen since arriving in Nayām̐.

As a result of the sudden loss of crops, the natural resources of the island continent could no longer support the Manche population. Many of the Clans turned to the sea, using their culture's ancient mastery of sea travel to hunt for new lands. In late 2065 BG, a single Manche vessel stumbled across the Southern Water Tribe. Fearful of being discovered, the captain of the vessel turned northward, looping across the South Sea, discovering the Southern Air Nomad Islands and glimpsing the Fire Nation before returning to Nayām̐ to report what they had discovered.

The Khans, realizing that their home could no longer support their populations, began to organize fleets for the purpose of establishing colonies in the newly rediscovered lands. The first colonies were established on the shores of the western Air Nomad Islands and southern Fire Nation. From these colonies, scouting parties were sent out to further explore the world. This led to the discovery of the mainland and the first Manche encounters with the Kingdoms of Taku and Omashu.

Almost instantly, Manche raids on coastal and river towns began. Neither kingdom had the naval power to catch the Manche ships or guard their coastlines and rivers. Thus, many of the raids went unopposed. It wasn't until the Manche raids sailed upriver to attack settlements along the shore of the Western Lake that Omashu, Taku, and their rival, Ba Sing Se, formed an alliance to combat the new threat.

One of the Khans, a warrior known as Naraja, discovered that the landscape around Taku greatly resembled the Manche homeland. Organizing an invasion fleet, he led an invasion force that landed north of the city. For the first time, Manche forces were attacking in force with the intention of staying.


Being a tribe made up of both fire and waterbenders, the religion of the Manche is dedicated to the worship of two primary beings: Agni, the god of fire, and Mazu, the goddess of water. Due to a shortness of benders amongst them, the Manche believed that anyone who had the ability should dedicate their lives to the gods. This belief was a driving force behind the Manche Invasions.

Trivia and Notes

  • The primary language of the Manche is in fact Nepali.
  • Agni was the Hindu god of fire, while Mazu was a Chinese goddess of water.
  • The Manche are primarily based upon the Vikings of Northern Europe and the Mongols of Central Asia.

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