By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Mammoth is the largest and strongest of the HIVE Five group, having much more muscle than the rest of his group and being as tall as Cyborg. However, he's not the smartest of the group, being mainly all brawn and no brain. He often relies on ideas given by the leader Jinx, just going with it.

Avatar: New Universe II

Mammoth first appears with the Hive Five on their latest robbery at the museum. He manages to get his fair share of the robbed goods, oddly getting confused on how lucky they are, which usually is when the Titans would come looking for them. He decides to accept it though, but his grudge seemed to come around when bad luck caught them (the Tails Doll luring them back to the museum when the Titans showed up. He fights the Titans for a while until Tails Doll uses a dog whistle, oddly affecting him too. He tries to stop Slenderman but had failed miserably and was left speechless when Jinx decides to join him.

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