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Malus Ignus
Biographical information
Birth place

Hellenic Civilisation


Fire Nation




103 AG (KIA)


15 AG - 97 AG




Philip Hellene

Physical description



180 cm


70 kg

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Firebending, Lightning Generation

Bending style(s)

Hellenic Fire Style


Philip Hellene, Nikkolas, Zuko, Aang, Sokka

"Panagiotis is a traitor who condemned his own people to death for little gain. I say we exile him from the senate and demolish his party. We must not let this happen again."
―Ignus to the Senate

Malus Ignus is a Firebender Master from the Hellenic Civilisation. During the war, he was loyal to Fire Lord Ozai.


Malus Ignus was born in the Hellenic city of Sophos. At some point in his life, he entered the senate and won the popularity of the senate after Panagiotis' campaign in the air temples. After his success, used his position as Prime Academic to export weapons and send volunteers to the Fire Nation.

Ignus' main rival was Philip Hellene, a member of Panagiotis' old party and a veteran of the Air Nomad campaign. In 100 AG, Philip Hellene defeated him and exiled him from Hellas. Ignus settled down in the Fire Nation during the war and was furious when Zuko ended the war.

In 102 AG, he joined the Blue Flame and became a general. He led the Blue Flame to many great victories, only to be killed by Philip and Nikkolas in the Siege of Fort Zuko in 103 AG.


Malus Ignus had a fierce loyalty to Ozai, only to be transferred to Azula after War's end. A cunning and manipulative man, Ignus is typical of a Hellenic senator. Being charismatic (and not above bribery), he quickly won the support of the senate. However, his opposition to Philip Hellene led to his downfall.


Malus Ignus was a powerful firebender, capable of performing many great feats that could otherwise only be performed during Sozin's Comet. His lightning generation is powerful and can kill in an instant.


  • Malus Ignus is an anglicised form of the Latin meaning evil flame.
  • Malus Ignus was intended to be from Yu Dao, and a childhood friend of Philip.

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