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Malefic is one of The Three Emperors of the Infinity Order in the fanon Avatar: Bridge to Infinity.

Before Bridge to Infinity

Early Life (81AG - 89AG)

Malefic was born to an Air Nomad survivor in late 81AG and was gifted with the ability to Airbend. His childhood was cut short when Fire Nation soldiers tracked down his parents and killed them while he managed to narrowly escape.

After wandering around the wasteland of the Earth Kingdom for several weeks he was found by Josik who took him to a secret base in Patola Mountains, it was there where he effectively joined the Infinity order after passing a series of tests to discover his dedication to their goals.

Serving the Order (90AG - 98AG)

After joining the order Malefic was trained intensely for several years under Josik who believed him to be a suitable heir to the throne of Kailus, one of the three leaders of the order while the others were Josik and Luccaino. He was trained in the use of the Infinity sword, a blade that channel a user's elemental attacks and increase their power immensely.

Malefic later served in Josik's personal unit as Kailus' health continued to worsen. It was here he gained revenge for his parent's murder by defeating and killing Fire Lord Azulon in an intense Agni Kai. He later escaped the palace with help from an unknown woman who proceeded to cover up Azulon's death as if he died from natural causes. When Malefic asked Josik about the woman's identity he simply responded by referring to her as an ally.

Ascension to Emperor and the Discovery of Aang (98AG Onwards)

In Late 98AG Kailus succumbed to his illness and Malefic was crowned as one of the three Emperors of the Infinity Order. It was here he learned the true goals of the Order and proceeded to aid them as best he could. He quickly became the central figure of military affairs while Luccaino managed Intelligence and Josik saw to the more secretive matters. He also gained quite of reputation for being ruthless and unforgiving. He also contradicted his fellow Emperors much to the annoyance of Josik.

After Avatar Aang was freed the Order chose to stay out of the conflict but instead use the energy created from the battles to fuel their own mysterious needs. However, this was short lived as Aang swiftly ended the conflict and declared peace.

Now with no way to harvest the energy secretly Malefic has chosen to lead his armies against Aang in an attempt to re-ignite the conflict using deep sown hatreds. Malefic himself chose to lead the army into their first battle, an Attack on the Fire Nation capital.

Bridge to Infinity

Attack on the Fire Nation

Malefic, after a heated argument with Luccaino, lead an attack on the Fire Nation Palace with only twenty men. He reached the palace and engaged Fire Lord Zuko and Mai in battle with the loss of only two soldiers. After some heated banter between the three, Malefic called upon the power of his eyepiece that gifted them with a mysterious but powerful ability as a massive but unknown seal appeared in the sky.

In his battle against Zuko, Malefic easily surpassed the Fire Lord and made him seem like a weakling. Malefic then, after the seal vanished, fled the capital with his remaining soldiers and captive Mai.

Luccaino fights Aang

He is later seen sitting with Josik after Luccaino's apparent killing of Aang. He warns Josik that the Avatar could possibly be still alive and seems distressed that Luccaino's battle 'increased the energy'. After discussing with Josik about a scout being sent by an unknown force he shivers in fear when he knows it's name, Xercxes.

Mai fights Zuko

Malefic reacts to Zuko's apparent death with joy and is shocked by Xercxes' sudden appearance. After Xercxes criticizes Malefic's and the other Emperor's performance, Malefic takes offense and warns Xercxes that he rules here. Xercxes responds by nearly killing Malefic and this results with him going quiet.


Malefic's personality can be described in two words: arrogant and aggressive. He has an intense hate for everything Fire Nation and would like nothing more than to see it destroyed. He is allied with his two fellow Emperors, Josik and Luccaino, however he openly disagrees and contradicts them in public. He also is a ruthless fighter who despite being raised in the ways of Air Nomad combat, with fight to the death.

Malefic's personality is wild and unpredictable however it can be said he is over-confident at times and often sees himself stronger than he actually is, this can lead to him charging into fights recklessly and 'Biting off more than he can chew'. He also mocks his opponents before killing them by criticizing their skill, this is seen during his encounter with Zuko and Mai.



Malefic is an expert Airbender and can even carve buildings in two with razor sharp jets of Air, combined with his Infinity Sword his Airbending is unmatched and is possible superior to that of an Avatar using the Avatar State.

Infinity Sword

Malefic, like most Infinity Order members, uses the sword to increase his Airbending's power ten-fold. He is also an expert in using the sword in close-combat as no swordman seems to be able to match him. The sword itself is made of the legendary metal Orichalcum and can cleave any other weapon in two effortlessly. Embedded in its core is circular liquid crystal which reads the user's element and alters the blade chemically to conduct that element better.


  • Malefic means to display an evil or negative influence.
  • His title as one of the three Emperors is a reference to the Three Emperors of the Great Powers in the early 20th Century (Britain, France and Germany)

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