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Male Bonding
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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November 16, 2011

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The Fire Lord & The Tribal Princess

Male Bonding is the fourteenth chapter of the Darksome Knights: Resurrection and the fourth chapter of "Book 2: First Impressions".


Haewa knelt before the royal throne. Heat buffeted him in waves. Sweat dripped off his nose, partly from exhaustion and partly from nerves. Why wasn't I this nervous in the Water Tribes? he thought.

Because I wasn't trying to convince someone younger than me by four years.

"Rise." a commanding voice boomed.

Haewa stood upright. Now the flames were fanning him with heat. His eyes grew dry, but he forced himself to look straight at the young man sitting on the throne.

The dark hair was pinned up in a topknot. Burgundy robes seemed to shimmer behind the dancing fire. The flames seemed to rise and fall with his every breath. He radiated power, though his golden eyes spoke of wisdom beyond his years.

"Sir," Haewa began. "We are all in grave danger..."

The king sat there intently listening as Haewa recounted his tale. His eyes flickered from the dancing light. When Haewa was done, he walked solemnly off the dais and onto the brushed mahogany floor.

"Walk with me." he commanded.

Haewa stared at the Fire Lord but followed him into the garden.

In the Garden

Haewa paused for a brief moment before entering the garden. The spongy grass absorbed the impact his feet made and gave his step a small bounce. He walked to the Fire Lord's side. He was staring out onto the pond.

"Is what you say true?" he asked.

"Yes." Haewa replied.

The Fire Lord sighed, then turned to face Haewa. "I may be young, but I've seen enough suffering to last most grown men several lifetimes. My people have just lost one war. Why should I enter another?"

"Because if you don't, then there might not be any other chances. We need the full strength of all the worlds."

The Fire Lord took off his crownpiece and his hair flowed down to his shoulders. "I'm in." he said.

"Thank you, Fire Lord." Haewa bowed.

"Please. Call me Zuko."

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