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深刻 Malala
Biographical information

Republic City, United Republic


Northern Water Tribe


16 in Book One: Air 17 in Books Two and Three 20 in Book Four: Balance

Physical description




Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Waterbending (Northern and Southern style), bloodbending

Love interest(s)
  • Risa (Fiancée-former)
  • Bolin (Boyfriend)

Water tribe, family, Healers, Bolin, Mako, Naoki, San, Korra, Pabu, Toza, Asami Sato, Naga, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Rohan, Tarrlok, Gommu, Iroh, Skoochy, Shady Shin (formerly), Tonraq, Varrick, Suyin Beifong, Kai, Wu, more ...


Hiroshi Sato, Amon, Equalists, Tarrlok (formerly), Unalaq, Dai Li, Red Lotus, military of the Earth Empire, more ...

Chronological and political information
  • Florist (former)
  • Healer (former)
  • Pro-bender (former)
  • Team avatar
  • Clerk (Former)
  • Trainee healer
  • Part time pro-bender
First appearance

"A Leaf in the Wind"

Last appearance

"The Last Stand"

Voiced by

Luci Christian

Malala is the eldest daughter of two waterbenders by the name Sakumo and Mirajane. Together with her little brother Shingo did they grew up in Republic City under a hard non-bending rules that were put up by their father. To the age of 15 did she help in her parents flower shop. She later on took a job as a healer in the pro-bending matches to keep in tac with her bending heritage. Her first appearance is when Bolin has to go to a different healer because of capacity measures. He realises her unusually fast and precise healing abilities and ask her to become their personal healer to which she agreed. After walking her home late night do both Bolin and Mako witness her protigi bending ability when she defeats a robber. Malala later on gets the role as the Fire Ferrets waterbender when Hasook gets sick. She does this without the agreement of her parents and is forced to quit her healer job forever. She shows up later on to cheer her former team on by the big fight. The moment Amon attacks does she, Shingo and her parents fight the Equalists. It ends up in a one on one fight between Malala and the lieutenant in the water pool under the playing field. Her mother bending is taken which leads her family into hiding. This stops after Bolin is taken by the Equalists and Malala against her parents will helps Korra and Mako rescue him. She joins the new Avatar in their fight against the Equalist soon after to find a way to return her mother her bending.

In the following months did Malala help her parents in their flower job she confesses to be boring to Asami alter on. To further her waterbending training does she join the rest of Team Avatar to their journey to the Southern watertribe. After the Harmonic Convergence does she stay there for more training. This is put to a stop when the Red Lotus tries to capture Korra in Zaofu.

After taking down the Red Lotus is Malala forced to return to her boring life. She gets engaged against her will to a wealthy non bender named Risa. She joins Team Avatar again to bring down Kuvira which triggers her parents biggest fear. She become a bloodbender in order to stop the troop from going forward. This puts her into severe trouble that is luckily stopped by Katara who speaks a good word for her. Malala's engagement is broken off and she instead dates Bolin.


Malala was always cocky and sarcastic which lead into her not having any friends for the most of her life. This changed her and made her a kind person instead ready to do anything to keep the people near her by her side for a little longer.

She was fascinated by the waterbending ways since childhood when she saw street acrobats using it. She learned really fast which lead into her family forbidding her and her brother waterbending. Malala ignored this and followed her passion which escalated into becoming a bloodbender.

She cares deeply for her loved ones which leads into her being overprotective. This often goes as far bringing herself into danger on daily basis to save them. This was proven when she fought the Equalist Lieutenant after her family was knocked out and her mother's bending was taken.

Her kind act is dropped whenever in battle where her rough side takes over and beats up anything in her way. This is seen in her fights against Kuvira's troops were mercilessly slayed one person after another even using her newly gained bloodbending.


Early life

Malala was born as the eldest child and only daughter of a Northern waterbenders Sakumo and the Mirajane four years before her only brother Shingo. She always helped out in her parents flower shop till she was 15 years old.

Her passion for waterbending started when she saw a street acrobate use it. From then on did she train all the time. She was revealed to be a bender protege. This lead her father to forbid her and her brother bending from then on. She ignored this thought and continued to bend in secret.

She was were cocky since she could talk which lead into her not having any friends at all. Her loneliness made her change her personality completely becoming a kind person ready to die just to keep a friend. Her first friend was a non bender girl by the name Levy. The two girls spend most of their time together making her neglecting her family and duties. Levy ended their two year old friendship after Malala told her that she wants to become a bending master. This betrayal made Malala hate non benders till she later on met Asami.

At the age of 16 did Malala become a healer in the pro-bending tournaments to be more near to her element. This made her meet Bolin who she befriended soon after. He asked her to become their personal healer to which she agreed. After two weeks in this position did Mako and Bolin bring her home late night. They were attacked by a robber. Malala used her bending to protect her new friends. This made the two brother choose her to replace Hasook while he was ill. She agreed to this too but got to quit with bending completely after the match was over.

She spend time with the rest of Team Avatar getting many friends. She decided to cheer them on in their final match. This got ended with an attack from Amon who took the other teams bending. Malala and her family used their bending to fight off all Equalists. One by one were they defeated till only Malala stayed standing. Her mothers bending got taken when she tried to stop Amon. This made her hate the masked man more than ever. The situation escalated in her and the Lieutenant having one on one in the pool under the playing field. she managed to win this fight but was forced to quit her ways with Team Avatar by her father.

She rejoined after the found out that Bolin was taken. Malala helped Korra and Mako to free him. She joined the team in their fights against Amon. Her family got accused of being Equalist by Asami's father. This fact made Malala hate Asami and her father which lead into her attacking Asami when she tried to apologize. Malala fought with Mako, Bolin and Korra against Amon but got distracted when her brother was taken hostage by the lieutenant. After Amon was defeated and Shingo free did Malala and Asami sort things out again.

When Team Avatar decided to travel to the North Pole to proceed Korra's training did Malala join too for her training. She made some problems with Eska and Desna but finally found an acceptable teacher and trained. This continued till the fight between Unalaq and Korra happened. Malala helped them fight and stayed there for sometime till the news of Korra being attacked reacher her. She returned and fought the Dai-li. She tried to defeat Ming-hwa but tried to save Bolin which ended up bad when she got captured with Mako and Bolin. Malala managed to break out and free everybody else soon after.

Three years later does Malala reunite with Mako who is guarding Wu. She confesses that she was forced into an arranged marriage to a non bender from a rich family. Malala tries to fight off Kuvira with everybody else but ends up getting scolded by her fiancée. She leaves him behind and joins the rest of Team Avatar to fight off Kuvira's troops. After a fight against many metalbenders does she unlock her bloodbending abilities. She hides this till Kuvira's troops attack and she uses it as last resort to stop them. After everything stops does get called in by the councils for integration. Thanks to Katara is she let off the hook and joins Varric's wedding where she says Mako her wedding was called off and her no bending rule was stopped too. She later on by the royal dance does she dance to Bolin and confesses that her feeling to which Bolin responds the same way.



Malala is a protege when it comes to any type of water bending. From her self training to the age of 17 to the professional training in the Northern Water Tribe by Makin does she only improve.

Makins training lead her into being immune to cold and made her able to breath under water for 5 minutes till her lungs give out.

After being put under pressure does she snap and awaken her bloodbending abilities from her father's side. She does not hesitate to use them against Kuvira's troops later on in order to stop them.


Malala learned healing from the healers in the pro-bending games. She later on added bloodbending into this to add up in her skills.

Other abilities

Malala is very clever and brave. She uses both those contributes to outdo the odds and win fights in a matter of minutes. Her merciless nature does often do the trick too.




  • Malala was named after the Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai.
  • Malala's family name has been revealed once when her parents were taken by the police force but got interrupted mid way by her complains. The first half is "Tsu-".
  • Malala's waterbending style resembles many other great waterbenders because she learns from copying the moves.
  • Malala was the first waterbender without bloodbender roots who awakened her bloodbending since Katara.
  • Malala is afraid of hurting the people around her when she gets angered.
  • Malala never accepted Hiroshi Sato's apology for being responsible for her parents getting arrested as Equalists.

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