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By DragonGirl028 Part of the The Rise of Avatar Singi continuity.
Biographical information

Fire Islands


Fire Islands

Physical description





6'7" or 2.01m

Hair color


Skin color


Skin type


Eye color

Copper red

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Dao (sword)

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, swordsmanship


Gaza, Fire Islands troops


Singi, Jamyang, Gekkō, Guilin, Gaogui, proto-Water Tribe, proto-Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, spirits, Gaza (formerly)

Chronological and political information


Voiced by

Jamieson Price (if animated)

Maku (pronounced: Muh-KU) is a Fire Islands warlord and one of the primary antagonists of the trilogy. Initially hoping to conquer lands within the proto-Earth Kingdom as a result of frequent conflicts with rivaling Fire Islands warlords, he eventually forges an unlikely partnership with a fellow warlord named Gaza. This partnership is the result of their mutual dislike of and hostility towards the spirits, for having the ability to transcend into the physical world both during and the days prior to the solstices, even after Wan ordered the spirits back to the Spirit World and closed the spirit portals.

This anger extends towards the other nations, who are more lenient towards the spirits. Consequently, both warlords wage war against the other nations, intending to enslave or kill those who are more sympathetic towards the spirits. Ultimately, it is Singi who vows to defend the spirits and other nations from the wrath of the onslaught.


Whereas Gaza is considered the "brains" of the warlord duo, Maku is considered the "brawn". He is temperamental, energetic, manipulative, and irascible, with a deep and booming voice. He also makes up for his lesser intelligence (compared to Gaza) with his physical appearance—tall, stocky, and a rugged beard completely covering his chin—as well as his rage-fueled, dangerous firebending skills and swordsmanship.

Whereas Gaza bears a particular grudge towards Guilin, Maku typically seems to target Singi.



Not much is known of Maku's past and upbringing. By the time he makes his first appearance in Book 2, Maku had conquered a considerable amount of territory in the Fire Islands. However, due to multiple conflicts with opposing warlords, in addition to hassles with the spirits around the time of the solstices, he and his army moved east to attempt to settle in lands within the main proto-Earth Kingdom continent. Not long afterwards, Gaza would do the same for the same reasoning, leading to the two warlords forging their unlikely partnership. Unlike the proto-Water Tribe and Air Nomads, who held friendly relations with the spirits, and the proto-Earth Kingdom, who viewed the spirits with relative respect (so long as conflicts did not erupt), the warlords viewed the spirits with hostility. Although the spirits were mainly present during the summer and winter solstices, in addition to the days prior to the phenomena, the warlords were regardless, angered that the spirits were able to transcend to the physical world, even with the spirit portals closed by Wan. Finding the spirits a nuisance to their common goal of conquering land, they believed that the spirits should remain within the Spirit World, and that the Avatar has failed humanity as a result of the spirits' ability to cross between worlds, despite the closing of the spirit portals.

Book 2: Conflict

Introduction to Singi



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Preceded by
Warlord (one of many)
Unknown (BG)
Succeeded by
Unknown; position eventually voided by first Fire Lord

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