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Fire Islands


Fire Islands


34 - 39 (Book 2: Conflict)
39 - 43 (Book 3: Resolution)


9,781 BG

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6'7" or 2.01m

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Fire, Dao (sword)

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Firebending, swordsmanship


Chan (father; deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)


Gaza, Fire Islands troops


Singi, Jamyang, Gekkō, Guilin, Gaogui, Dao, proto-Water Tribe, proto-Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, spirits, unnamed warlord, Gaza (formerly)

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"Summer Solstice, Part 4: Two Worlds and One Bridge"

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Jamieson Price (if animated)

Maku (pronounced: Muh-KU) is a Fire Islands warlord and one of the primary antagonists of the trilogy. Initially hoping to conquer lands within the proto-Earth Kingdom as a result of year-round conflicts with rivaling Fire Islands warlords, coupled with the spirits around the solstices, he eventually forges an unlikely partnership with a fellow warlord named Gaza. This partnership is the result of their mutual dislike of and hostility towards the spirits for having the ability to transcend into the physical world during and the days prior to the solstices, even after Wan ordered the spirits back to the Spirit World and closed the spirit portals.

This anger extends towards the other nations, who are more lenient towards the spirits, as well as the Avatar, whom they believed failed human-kind by not being able to prevent the spirits from crossing over around the time of the solstices. Consequently, both warlords wage war against the other nations and Singi, intending to kill the Avatar, and enslave or kill those who are more sympathetic towards the spirits. Ultimately, it is Singi who vows to defend the spirits and other nations from the wrath of the onslaught, despite being a target herself.


Whereas Gaza is considered the "brains" of the warlord duo, Maku is considered the "brawn". He is temperamental, energetic, manipulative, and irascible, with a deep and booming voice. He also makes up for his lesser intelligence (compared to Gaza) with his physical appearance—tall, stocky, and a rugged beard completely covering his chin—as well as his rage-fueled, dangerous firebending skills and swordsmanship.

Whereas Gaza bears a particular grudge towards Guilin, Maku typically seems to target Singi.


Early Life and Rise to Become a Warlord

Maku was born in 9,781 BG to Chan (陈, pronounced: Ch-ON)—one of the first and most notorious warlords of the Fire Islands—and an unnamed mother from one of the villages Chan had taken over. Despite his infamous reputation, Chan was a loving father to his son. As for his mother, Maku did not spend much time getting to know her, unlike his father, but noted that she regardless, was an innocent and caring mother. One day, when Maku was four, Chan was out scouting lands in the Islands when Maku's home village was attacked by a rival warlord and his army, his mother killed in the process. Maku survived after being hidden away by his mother prior to her murder. Upon Chan's return and subsequent driving off of the rival men, he was devastated to learn of his lover's death, and began training Maku in both firebending and swordsmanship, ultimately working to fashion him into a member of his army. Ten years later, while the two are engaging in a battle over land against another warlord and his men, Maku recognized the warlord as the one that killed his mother (based on his voice), and informed his father of the fact. Infuriated, Chan fought aggressively against his lover's murderer, only to eventually be killed himself, leaving his teenage son heartbroken. Enraged, Maku took command of Chan's remaining men and sought revenge for his parents' deaths, dedicating the rest of his time further training himself to become a true warlord. He eventually succeeded in becoming a full-fledged warlord with his own army, and became just as notorious as his father was.

Book 2: Conflict

Introduction to Singi

Not long after Singi passes her waterbending mastery exam in late Spring 9,747 BG, three large ships dock ashore along Kunatuk. Stepping outside and onto dry land are six (of a total of 70) armored men, gradually followed by Maku. Not even introducing himself by name at first, Maku casually states that he and his men are "just passing through", and will relocate their vessels as soon as they have made an updated stock of their items and figure out a direction to begin walking within the new land they have stepped upon. When asked for his name by Gekkō, Maku introduces himself by name and explains that he and his men have arrived from the Fire Islands in the west (where he had previously had a considerable amount of territory) so that they can "seek out greener pastures", away from rivaling warlords in the Islands, and, additionally, the spirits during the solstices. At the mention of the spirits, Singi's eyebrows furrow with concern.

Taking a closer look at the people he is addressing, Maku notes that, based on their clothes, he is most likely addressing waterbenders and airbenders, to which Singi confirms, and valiantly introduces herself as the Avatar. At this, Maku raises an eyebrow, highly intrigued, but with an undertone of abhorrence: "The Avatar, huh? Well, it is an honor to meet the so-called bridge between man and spirit, on what I hope will be a new and prosperous beginning for my men and me." He concludes his introduction to the crowd by assuring those present that nothing will come of harm to them, so long as they keep out of his way, leaving an air of concern plainly present among those in the settlement as he retreats to one of his ships to continue preparations. The vessels move a small ways west along the shoreline to perch away from the settlement.

A New Ally, the Confrontation at Kunatuk, and the Declaration of the War of Spirituality

Roughly one month since arriving in the proto-Earth Kingdom, Maku is seen again when Singi, Jamyang, Jiefeng, Qiú, and Guilin travel to Kunatuk on a day off from earthbending training. Upon arrival, the happiness of the reunion is shattered when Maku, accompanied by a large group of around forty men, and a thinner (compared to Maku), older-looking warlord, arrive yet again to the settlement. Miffed, but maintaining his composure, Gekkō asks for the reasoning for their visit. "You'd like a reason, waterbender? I've got plenty." Maku growls, before he pauses, closing his eyes and calming himself slightly. Sensing Maku's anger, Jamyang calmly reassures Maku that whatever issues there are, he is confident that they can be solved. "Hmph! I have no doubt that they will be solved, old man," Maku scoffs, before Gekkō asks for the identity of the older warlord accompanying him. The older warlord, comparatively calmer than Maku, introduces himself as Gaza, and explains that he traveled to the proto-Earth Kingdom for the same reasons as Maku—the combined strain of having to contend with competing warlords year-round and the spirits around the solstices with regard to conquering land in the Fire Islands. "At least, by moving away from the Islands, half of the burden is lessened," Gaza notes. At this, Gekkō asks why Gaza is standing alongside Maku, to which Gaza responds that they have a shared interest that peaked their interests, and unexpectedly allowed them to become allies: an absolute disdain of the spirits.

At this, Singi once again furrows her eyebrows in concern before taking a step forward and asking the warlords for the reason of their dislike of the spirits. Maku exhales loudly through his nostrils before also taking a step forward, "Allow me to educate you and the others present here, Avatar." Maku then begins to go off on a [fairly composed] rant, explaining that as he and his men have been traveling along the continent, they have come upon other waterbender settlements where the members have expressed praise for the spirits. He then reflects on how on the days of and prior to the solstices, the spirits would transcend into the mortal world and get in the way of [the warlords'] conquests back on the Fire Islands. "And I thought to myself, now why are there spirits here in the mortal world, when Avatar Wan supposedly sealed the spirit portals over eighty years ago?" Maku states before glancing over at Singi with an irritated expression on his face. Maku continues, addressing those present, that he knows that the proto-Water Tribe and Air Nomad cultures revere and greatly respect the spirits, and then admonishes the cultures for doing so, belittling them as those that "admire entities that should no longer have anything to do with our world." As the crowd of villagers grows more irritated at Maku's words, the warlord turns his attention towards Singi and states, with growing anger, his composure wavering: "You claim that your predecessor prevented the spirits from entering our world again, and yet, they interfere with my business during the solstices. How can you claim to be the bridge between man and spirit when you cannot even uphold your promise? The Avatar is not a bridge, but a liar and a failure!" The waterbenders erupt into an uproar of anger, while Gaza and the warlords' troops return with roars of support, Gekkō gritting his teeth and Singi, Jamyang, and Guilin staring at Maku in wordless shock, sweat building on Singi's face. Shouting, Maku finally states that "Your people, your cultures, should not even exist in a world that no longer should be home to spirits! It is time for adaptation—a world in which you should wiped out, if not enslaved to do the bidding of those who do not need the spirits in order to live in this world! We have come here today to declare war on your cultures, as well as the Avatar, who by failing to prevent the spirits from entering our world after the closure of the spirit portals, has failed humanity!"

With the declaration made, Maku draws out his dao and points it skyward, panting heavily as both sides clamor words of rage towards one another, as Singi, Jamyang, Guilin, and now Gekkō, are in a state of bewilderment. After a few seconds, Maku lowers his dao and stares at Gekkō, a smirk forming on his face as he exclaims "So, let's start with your settlement first," before roaring a battle cry and charging at the waterbender, dao pointed at him. Gekkō manages to dodge the near-stabbing and knocks Maku off his feet with waterbending before urging Singi and her group to flee. As the two sides begin to clash, Singi insists on joining him, but Gekkō refuses, stating that he and his people can handle the fight, and that her life is more important to salvage than his. Reluctantly, Singi complies, and the group fly off on Jamyang's air bison. Upon returning to the earthbender settlement, Singi writes a letter to Gekkō and attaches it to Jiefeng's neck to deliver it. Days later, Jiefeng returns with a letter from Gekkō, stating that he and his men were able to fend off the warlords with only a few casualties, and to "... If you can, only confront the warlords when you feel skilled enough to battle them." The letter ends with a statement reading "I know that in due time, you will be strong enough to put a stop to this war—this War of Spirituality."

The Siege of Gai Chan

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Book 3: Resolution

Revealing His Backstory to Gaza

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Battle at the Fire Lion Turtle Valley

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  • Maku's appearance is heavily based on both the huntsman and Toz.
    • All three characters have a fairly burly figure. An alternative spelling of Maku's name—Makuu—is Swahili for "Big things" or "Great". Additional translations for the name include: "Arrogant", "Ambition", and "Vanity".[1]
  • Were Maku an actual animated character, he would be voiced by Jamieson Price, who is well known for voicing the military general and warlord, Lü Bu, in the Dynasty Warriors video game series.[2][3]
    • Other contenders for the role included Dan Green and Miguel Ferrer.
      • Ferrer died on January 19, 2017 at the age of 61 from throat cancer.
  • Maku is the only character in the trilogy who is confirmed to be left-handed, which connects with his role as an antagonist. In Chinese culture, the adjective "left" (左, Mandarin: zuǒ) sometimes means "improper" or "out of accord". While in Korean, the word for "left" is oenjjog (왼쪽), a similar word is oenjjog-ui (왼쪽의), which also translates to "sinister".
  • Based on the dating of the Chinese zodiac, Maku was born in the Year of the Ox in 9,781 BG.


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