Mako Meets Yin
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The Road that Never Ends





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September 14, 2011

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A Day On the Town

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Together in Death, Part 1

The Fire Nation soldiers marched up the streets of Pohan Village. Lee and Yin ran out of the tea shop to see a fire burning at the front gate.

"Fire Nation," Lee said, clenching his fists. But then he remembered he had to find someone. He looked to Yin and asked urgently, "Will you help me find my brother?"

Yin stared at Lee, bewildered at how he could ask her such a monumental favor. She might've helped him if he hadn't insulted her so bluntly a minute before. And that insult gave her a splendid idea.

"Oh," Yin said, her smile returning as a more devious grin, "I'm sorry, but I must go find my Flying Bison, for you see, Flying Bison are startled so easily, my Flying Bison may have run off in fear of all these loud explosions."

Lee opened his mouth ready to apologize, but Yin was already running at Airbender speed toward the back of town.

How could I leave my swords in the Fire Nation?, Lee thought idiotically, still standing in front of the tea shop, And where the hell is Mako?

"Have you given up already, boy?" a soldier said through his bulky helmet, "Its too bad, I prefer a chase."

Lee left his trance to see the soldiers only a few feet away. He sprinted into the nearest alley, searching desperately for his little brother, all the while trying to escape from the Fire Nation's clutches.

Yin caught her breath for a moment after her short run to the outskirts of the village. The back gate was untouched, the Fire Nation soldiers still far behind. I'll bet he's scared now, Yin thought as she stepped into a large barn near the gate, but I do feel bad for his brother. I should leave quick before I'm trapped in this town forever.

Inside the barn were a few crates, many bales of hay, and a Flying Bison named Lin. The Bison was asleep, lying slightly on its side. "Wake up, Lin. It's time to leave."

Just then, Yin heard a snease coming from the far left corner of the barn. She bent down, picking up her staff which she had left in the barn before she went into town. She stealthily and cautiously slid her feet across the floor, being sure not to make a sound. There was a pile of hay in the corner, concealing all but the feet of what Yin thought to be a mysterious assailant. She swept her staff over the hay, revealing someone unexpected.

"Who are you?" she asked, her usual smile having returned again.

The child chuckled a little, then said, "I'm Mako. I don't think the other kids were playing hide and seek. Why do you have an arrow on your head?"

Yin always had a soft spot for children, and took Mako's hand. "Hide and seek? Do you know what's happening right now?"

"No. But I'm hungry. Can you get me some food?"

Yin ignored his question, becoming slightly irritated by Mako's immense ignorance. "Do you have someone taking care of you? I could take you to your parents if you like."

"My parents aren't around here," Mako answered, faltering a little, "But I do need to find my brother."

Yin realized who Mako was and tightened her grip on his hand. "Is your brother named Lee?"

Mako brightened up a bit and his smile widened. "Yeah, it is! Did you meet him?"

Yin pulled Mako along with her toward the Bison. She yelled frantically, "Lin, I said its time to go!"

Lee knew he couldn't stop running yet, but three Fire Nation soldiers weren't more than a minute away from him and he was running out of breath. He found himself at a dead end and thought he was doomed.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!" Lee whispered, pulling his trusty pipe from his sleeve. He lit it up and muttered, "I do not wanna die like this!"

The soldiers turned the corner to find Lee leaning against the wall, casually smoking his pipe. "What are you doing, boy?"

"Waiting to die. Please make it fast."

"Believe me, I won't." The soldier raised his arm and a fire began to form around his hand. It grew larger and larger until it was about twice the size of his head. "Instead, I'll let you burn."

The blazing ball of flame shot from his hand. It moved fast, faster than Lee expected. When the fire was only a few yards away from Lee's face, a shadow grew overhead. A silhouetted figure jumped down from what Lee found to be

A Flying Bison?

The figure fell gracefully right in front of Lee and spun its staff, dispersing the fire which was only a foot away from Lee and Yin (if it wasn't already obvious who the figure with a Flying Bison and a staff was).

The soldiers began to walk slowly backward, but Yin wouldn't let them go so easily. She jumped into the air and headed them off at the end of the alley. "Did you really think you could win a race with an Airbender?" She moved her staff in a swift horizontal motion, blowing the soldiers back with force. Lee sidestepped quickly, narrowly avoiding the soldiers coming into him head on. They hit the wall, nearly unconscious.

"Well, that was fun, wasn't it?" Yin asked malevolently, "But I'm not done yet." She then did something totally and utterly unexpected of a peaceful Airbender. She swung the staff, but this time only to hit the soldiers hard on their heads, knocking them out cold.

Lee was still against the wall, mouth wide open. He looked up to see Mako on the Bison's head. "Thanks," Lee sighed at Yin.

"Do you believe in Flying Bison now?"

Lee laughed a little, and promptly fainted.


  • Please critique the ending action scene; I've never done anything like it before.

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