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Tea on the Hillside

Mako is an eleven-year-old Firebender from the Fire Nation mainland. He is currently traveling through the Earth Kingdom with his brother, Lee, and Yin, an Airbender from the Western Air Temple.

Before The Road that Never Ends


Mako was born in 11 BG to Hahn and Zula of the Fire Nation. Mako has been heavily influenced in his beliefs about war by his father, something Lee takes notice of. Mako loves his parents very much, and thinks of them often. He also cares for his brother, although he questions certain things about him that don't seem to make sense.

Family life

Mako belongs to an upper class Fire Nation family. He does not seem to have many problems with his parents. Hahn, Mako's father, works as a high-ranking military admiral, which means that his family is sufficient on funds. Because of this, however, he is often out at sea for weeks, and even months on end. Mako does not show any signs yet about weather or not he cares about this. Mako's mother is a stay-at-home kind of person, and throughout his and Lee's childhood they have been smothered by her. None of the children minded this one bit.

Mako's relationship with Lee is another story. About a year and a half before the story begins, it became apparent that Lee and Hahn were not on good terms with each other. This has made Mako suspicious of what could cause his brother to think the way he does. It will also make repercussions on Mako's and Lee's relationship. Mako does not understand how what has happened to Lee, and hopes to, eventually, ask Lee face-to-face what has happened.

The fire

At an unknown date before Mako's kidnapping, his and Lee's house burnt down, likely at the hand of their parents. It seems to be a touchy subject for Mako, whom has shown discomfort even thinking about it. All that is known yet about it is that his parents started the fire while having an argument. It has had, at the very least, some kind of emotional toll on Mako.

The kidnapping

On a cold summer night in 0 AG, Mako's father had invited Mako and Lee to join him on a short cargo trip to the Colonies to drop off some supplies. At around 3:00 AM, the ship docked on the west coast of the Earth Kingdom. Sometime between then and 4:00, Lee gathered two sleeping bags, a tea kit, a pipe, and two pairs of mysteriously acquired Earth Kingdom commoners' clothes. After taking his little brother up on his back, Lee kidnapped Mako while Hahn was sleeping soundly in his room. Mako was also asleep. None of the crew noticed the two leaving, likely because they had all left the ship to deliver the supplies. Lee walked at a swift pace through a dense forest for an hour until his brother woke up. At this point Lee took a short break, then continued the first neck of what would soon become a long journey.

Book 1

Teatime chat

It was now 6:00 and the sun was just coming over the trees. Mako found himself in Earth Kingdom clothing and wrapped in a sleeping bag. Lee was sipping tea cross-legged on his own sleeping bag. After a short round of mindless blithering between brothers, Lee told Mako that their father had left them behind, successfully tricking Mako and keeping him from knowing the truth of what had happened last night. Mako decided that it would be fun to go on an adventure with his brother, and agreed to do so until Lee found a way to get them out of the Earth Kingdom.

Events in Pohan Village

When Mako first set foot in Pohan Village, he met four Earthbender children, some of them teenagers. After they stopped playing their game, Mako began to babble awkwardly on, asking questions that would be typically known by Earth Kingdom children his age. The children became bored of him after a few minutes and sent Mako off to play a fake game of hide-and-go-seek.

Yin, an Airbender from the Western Air Temple, found Mako hiding under a pile of hay in a barn where she was keeping her Flying Bison. Lee met Yin a few minutes before Mako in a café in the middle on Pohan Village. After realizing Mako was Lee's missing brother, she took Mako's hand and flew as quickly as she could back to the village, which was under the siege of Fire Nation soldiers, to save Lee, which she did easily. Yin earned Mako's respect at this time.

Conflicted conscience

Mako found himself at odds about his country on the morning after the soldiers attacked Pohan Village. Lee had been trying to tell Mako that the Fire Nation was not a good place, but Mako would not listen. Mako, however, would not commit treason that fast. He decided that the village did something to deserve its demise, and went on about it as though nothing had happened. He then decided to model himself after the great Firebender who had nearly killed Lee.

Parents and Other Thoughts

When he was left alone, Mako immediately began to think about his parents. What he remembered was the good times before his kidnapping (that is, the kidnapping he still didn't know of). During this time of contemplation, Mako also wondered why Lee hadn't asked Yin if they could use Lin as a way of transportation home. This is the source of Mako's first suspicions.

Spending the night

Mako, Lee, and Yin stayed at a farmer's barn for a few days after Yin's banishment. Mako left the barn with Lee's permission to hone his Firebending skills. During his solitary training, a hog monkey swooped down from the trees and attacked Mako. After an extremely long fight, Mako managed to burn the hog monkey to death with his Firebending. Ping, the farmer who had allowed Yin to stay in his barn, heard the commotion and went to investigate. He put two and two together and realized that Mako was the missing boy from the posters. He took a chance and brought Mako to his home in the hopes of receiving the reward money, all the while knowing about Mako's more intimidating older brother.

When Mako got to the house, he boredly searched the place for something to interest him, but to no avail. Eventually, he finally got the tea he was promised, but when he saw that it was not his favorite ginseng tea he shoved it away. When he continuously refused to drink the tea Ping's wife had made, Ping knocked the boy out in anger at his insolence. When Mako awoke, he was in the upstairs bedroom in Ping's house. He was tied up tightly, but did not panic as he knew he could escape easily with his Firebending. He overheard Ping and Lenorna, Ping's wife, talking about him. They spoke of "turning him in" for the "reward". Mako shrugged this off, as he was unable to think about it at the time. Once he had freed himself from his restraints, the boy tried to light the chandelier above him, but missed. The house was set ablaze.

Finally, Lee and Yin discovered that Mako was being kept in the house and they saved him promptly before the house collapsed. Before he got out of the house, Mako killed Ping with his Firebending to save Yin from being stabbed, much to Lee's distress.


Mako's Firebending can be seen becoming better, little by little, throughout the series. At first, Mako's confidence and skill in his Firebending was menial. However, during the first few weeks of his journey he seems to have become more well-acquainted with his hidden talent. For example, when he was staying in Ping's barn, Mako encountered a wild hog monkey. Instead of fleeing like what would seem common for Mako, he held his own and managed to defeat the beast with a little help from his Firebending. Not only does Mako's Firebending seem to improve during his adventure, but so too do his other inner traits.

Mako does not seem to have a specific fighting style because, truthfully, he has almost never actually been in any real fight. This is due to how Mako is a pampered child from a wealthy family. Although this is also true for Lee, Mako has never even exhibited the slightest interest in fighting. However, if a fighting style had to be chosen from the few times we've witnessed Mako in battle, it would be strategy. Being the novice Firebender he is, Mako wouldn't stand a chance in any fight without having a good strategy, something he himself knows full well.


Mako is a stubborn and sometimes a bit of a rude child, but that is normal for kids his age. Mako can be one of two kinds of people in the face of danger: Strong-willed and independent or a cowardly mess, depending on the situation. Despite these on-the-surface traits, Mako can be very tolerable with his friends, like Yin and Lee.

Mako sees violence as something completely and utterly correct. This despicable ideal was started in the Fire Nation where, during the crucial years before The War and all the years thereafter, children were taught that it was okay to use violence on the other nations within the justifiable reasoning that it was for the good of the world. Mako, Lee, and Yin were the first to see exactly how much force was being used, however.

In accordance with the child's strong tolerance for violence, Mako has expressed a firm want in being like, or even becoming, a Fire Nation soldier when he grows up. He often wonders what that kind of life would be like and models his Firebending after the soldier he saw in Pohan Village. It is possible that Mako subconsciously hides this want from Lee, however it is still unknown whether or not the boy sees Lee's views as so different from his own.

Mako has a kind of separation anxiety tied to his parents, whom he knows he won't see for a long time. He truly loves his parents, and misses them dearly.


Mako wears a sleeveless green, button-down Earth Kingdom top and darker green, slightly puffed-up sweatpants. The same kinds of clothes are worn by Lee.


Book 1


  • Mako was named for Iroh's first voice actor (deceased), whom I preferred over his understudy.

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