Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
Officer Mako
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Fire Nation/Earth Kingdom


22 (Book Five: Memory)


152 AG

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Firebending, Lightningbending


Bolin (Brother)

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Mako is a courageous, and strong-willed young man and a part of Lin Beifong's police force as the detective of Republic City. While his life since meeting the Avatar had its ups and downs, he still remained loyal towards his friends in anyway he could.

Book Five: Memory

Since the battle of Republic City, Mako's overall life hadn't changed all too much. He'd still put his detective skills to good use when the times called for it, and helped when he could in terms of the city's growth (though, not as much as the Beifongs' involvement).

At one point, Mako found Korra alone by the steps of Air Temple Island, and went over to check up on her. Korra then explained to him that her life was getting a bit too calm, and she needed something to get her back in the game. It was then that Lin called Mako, telling him about a robbery taking place in Republic City. Upon hearing this (and requested by Korra), he decided to take Korra along with him in order to help her out with her dilemma.

It took a while before he and Korra arrived at the scene, and as such, Lin Beifong explained to them the scenario taking place. While Korra went in to confront the thief, Mako stayed outside with the rest of the police, ready to attack if anything would happen. When Korra was attacked and tackled outside, Mako rushed to her aid as the police tried to apprehend Ziyou, though failed. He went and tried to catch her, along with the rest of the police force, but ended up loosing her once they got back to Korra, who insisted she wanted to get her alone.

North Pole

The time went on by, and Mako tried going through the time being without giving anything away, until he was told about the trip from Ikki. He decided to go with Korra and the rest of her team to the North Pole, and was about to go when Ziyou appeared. Mako questioned her about who she was as Ziyou introduced herself to them, before they decided to go. His involvement within the group was rather limited, until Ikki returned. After Ikki was done with her story, he revealed that he found it rather different with Korra and Asami being together so much lately, saying the 'feeling' they had together resembled the feeling of Kai and Jinora, or Bolin with Opal. He still had yet to figure out a straightforward answer to it, however.

When the group arrived at the North Pole, he went straight to Desna and Eska, trying to help with the issue at hand. When the first attempt failed, however, he went with Bolin, Korra, Opal and Eska to handle the problem in the city (which, again, didn't work). Back at the palace, he found the Qishi invading the palace again, and tried to drive them off, getting beaten as such, until Naga drove them away.

Fire Nation

Mako continued with the others as they went off to the Fire Nation, talking to Asami and Korra for a bit. Their conversation started off well, until Mako wanted to know what was going on among them both. Unfortunately, he couldn't exactly get it out right, thus resulting in the girls storming off. Mako just kept quiet throughout the time in Jang Hui and offered his support during the patrol in Fire Fountain City, until they discovered Korra drunk. Mako got Ziyou to go back and watch over Korra while they continued the patrol. Unfortunately, he was unable to stop El Niño from flooding the city and had to leave. However, he found Korra and Asami together inside and found out about their 'cuddling' moment from Ziyou. All Mako did was walk away to think things over.

The next day, the group arrived in a mountainous town, where Mako followed Desna and Eska to the Phoenix Inn, ignoring Korra and Asami. After settling down inside the Inn, Mako told Desna and Bolin about his issues with Korra and Asami's relationship, and was unsure how to handle it until Desna and Bolin set his mind straight.

Throughout the rest of the time, Mako lend much of his support while the group continued after El Niño, no longer as flustered over the idea of Korra and Asami in a relationship.

Book Six: Shadow

Mako remained apart of the police force for the next two months, helping out when he could, until he soon got a call about the events going on at Kuvira's prison cell. Upon the note, he went over with the police force in order to stop the problem though had other members from his team come along as well. While there, he soon found Shuvirra and fought it for a good while, until it was finally defeated by Kuvira. After the events, Mako found out some information about the Voronon while helping Korra and the others at Wan Shi Tong's Library (and fighting off Clivuuk) and soon took it as their mission to fight off every Voronon.

Mako decided to go with the others for the trip and remained as a strong support towards the others, fighting off other Voronon along the way. That was the main thing until the group split up. Upon finding out that Korra and Ziyou were trapped inside Accuro, he quickly went right in and soon took battle with Katayt and Koyot inside. He and Kai kept it up as a distraction while the others tried to find out where Korra and Ziyou were, until Bolin got them free. He took Korra and carried her out to safety.

Afterwards, he and the others brought Korra and Ziyou over to Ba Sing Se and put them in the hospital for the next couple of days until they awoke. Sometime after, Mako and the others were told by Kuvira and Ikki about the rumors of a "Two-tailed Beetle Wolf" running around attacking citizens. When they found the results of another attack, Mako and Kai both followed the trail of blood prints left behind and soon found another Voronon, Liunovvix, hiding nearby. However, when he left and returned with the others, he found that the beast had disappeared. For the next few days, Mako kept trying and failing to stop Liunovvix's attacks. One night, he found it again and soon took battle with it for a good while alongside Kai, Bolin, and Kuvira. He followed the beast for a while, trying to stop it, until it reached a fireworks display with many people nearby. He helped ziyou out by lighting one of the larger fireworks as a projectile though was only able to injure it.


Mako is mainly courageous, and loyal to his friends, although he had some shortcomings in the past when it came to his profession, sometimes choosing his job over his friends if he knew he was right (no longer caring about the opinions of his friends). He'd grown more respectful towards his friends since, trying not to make the same mistakes.

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