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Mako's New Job is a comedy one-shot written by MibuWolf for Omashu Rocks's contest.

Author's Note

There is background that needs to be said. At about 00:30, I was watching RuPaul, and then his video with Martha Wash with the Raining Men and then KPop and then -starts crying and hides in a corner- I feel like it's not even funny, just really, really strange... Please do not hold me to anything I say or write after 11 o'clock. 85% of the time it makes no sense, 14% of the time I sound like I'm on some sort of drug, and the other 1% of the time I'm sane (/wealthy. Get it, the one percent? I'm so funny).

Mako's been acting strange...

Narook's Noodlery had always been somewhere where Korra and Bolin could connect. Technically, Korra had a strong relationship with his brother, but that didn't mean that they couldn't still be friends, maybe with a few benefits? So Bolin would like to think. But he had come to realize that any of his fantasies were not reciprocated by his brother's girlfriend.

Today, they sat as they always did: in a booth, slurping down their noodles in a most uncivilized manner. "I've been really worried about Mako lately," Korra said with her mouth full of seaweed noodles.

Bolin swallowed a large mouthful of noodles. "Worried how?"

After swallowing her noodles as well, Korra was quiet for a minute. "He's just been acting strange. Going out with Asami of all people," she made deliberate eye-contact with Bolin to convey her especial disapproval of this action.

"Asami again?" Bolin rubbed his jaw thoughtfully. "Well, she was his first girlfriend..." Once he said this, he could see the concern of Korra's face. "But he likes you more!"

"Right," Korra pursed her lips, unconvinced. "But now he's gone to Ba Sing Se for some odd reason. Said he just 'needed space'." Now, Korra leaned forward, staring deeply into Bolin's eyes. "Do you think he's breaking up with me?"

I hope so, the Earthbender thought. "No, of course not! Why would he break up with you?"

An awkward silence followed, where Korra leaned back against the booth and stared out the window distractedly. As much as Bolin wanted the two to distance themselves from each other, he couldn't stand to see Korra in such a state, "Let's go to Ba Sing Se."


"Now! Naga can probably take us to the monorail." He stood suddenly and held out his hand. Hesitantly, Korra grabbed hold and stood as well.

Neither had been to the rail before, and the sight was incredibly jarring: people bustling about, pushing and shoving. Though the war was long passed, and thus these were not refugees, Ba Sing Se was still a major city around the world. In some ways, the monorail station was more crowded than anywhere else they'd been. Not helped by the fact that Korra and Bolin were riding on a giant polar bear dog. They pushed their way through the crowd and onto the crowded monorail, where Naga settled down with her head resting on her paws.

With new technologies, the monorail was powered by electricity, rather than Earthbending. However, because of this, the train came to a rattling start before it jolted forward. But, just as the monorail lurched forward, the doors to the car which Korra and Bolin were in burst open. Men in trench coats rushed in, their faces concealed by hats pulled deeply over their eyes. The cart was made of earth, despite all the technological advancements of the time, so Korra and Bolin knew that they could fight these mysterious men if they had to.

One of them in the back held up a box. No one could see what it was, but the Avatar and the Earthbender were beginning to panic. He pressed a button on the box, and... music began to play. Neither Korra nor Bolin knew what was happening, and now they were even more confused. Suddenly, the radio hit the chorus of the song: "It's raining men!" With those three words, all the overcoats and hats flew off to reveal... hardly any clothes at all. They were garbed in hardly more than spandex and collars. Bolin quickly averted his eyes, but Korra couldn't help but recognize one of them.

"Mako?!" Her voice was stunned. One of the dancers flinched at the sound of his name, but he did not respond. It was then that Korra also noticed that the car they were in was full of women... Obviously, this had been planned and she and Bolin had just happened into the car. Naga seemed most scarred of all, as she put her paws over his ears and hid her eyes.

After the most awkward five minutes of her life, Korra shouted Mako's name again. Now he turned, as he was putting his coat on again. "Hi Korra, Bolin," he said stupidly.

"Wha... bro..." Bolin was speechless and still not looking at his brother so that he wouldn't remember.

"What are you doing, Mako?" At this time, the monorail was nearing a station in the lower ring, but Korra planned to continue questioning Mako regarding his new career choice.

"I just got a job here."

Korra facepalmed and gave him a look of 'you have got to be kidding me'. "I got that."

"Bro..." While Korra looked more irritated than anything, Bolin looked like he was about to cry.

"That's all there is to it. I knew you wouldn't approve, so I decided to come here on my own." Mako spoke fluidly, without looking up once. But Korra's ability to take Mako serious was lessened by the obvious lack of a shirt despite the collar beneath his overcoat. "Look, I was telling the truth when I said that I needed my space."

"So you could be a stripper," Korra finished. They were now being ushered off of the monorail, so the three continued their conversation while exiting the car.

"It's an art, Korra." The remark was snappy and defensive. "I wouldn't expect you to understand. That's why I left!"

"Is that why you're spending more time with Asami, too?" Korra got straight to the point once they were off of the train, shooting an accusatory glare at her boyfriend.

He simply shrugged. "Asami's a member of this one girl dance group. 4Minute or something? She's the only one that ever really sings in their songs, though, even though it's a five member group." Realizing he was leaving on a tangent, Mako returned to his point. "She's been giving me dance lessons."

"Bro..." Bolin was still speechless.

"Mako, I don't know how to put this, but you just can't. It's just... like... so many degrees of no." At a loss for any real words, Korra had to settle on this phrase. "Really, just no."

"Well then, we're at an impasse." Mako turned to Korra, putting his hand on her shoulder seriously. "I want to keep dancing, and you don't want me to. Tell me, Korra, is this worth breaking up over?"

"Yes." Korra's reply came without hesitation.

Silence. "You're not supposed to say 'yes', Korra." Mako said hesitantly, as if trying to explain something to a small child.

The Avatar shrugged. "Well, it is worth breaking up over, Mako." She put her arm around Bolin. "You have a decently attractive brother, why should I ever have to settle for you if you have a major character flaw?"


Holding him by the shoulders, Korra turned the stunned Bolin around and began walking back to the monorail station. "Wait Korra, okay, I'll quit dancing."

"Will you?" Korra stopped and turned around, just to hear his explanation.

"Well... no." She began walking again. "Korra please! I love dancing, I wouldn't ask you to stop bending, I mean..."

"It's different Mako!" Though she stopped now, she did not turn around. "Bending doesn't require you to strip off your clothes in front of total strangers!"

(Author's note: Though this is largely the case, I would beg to differ with Korra's statement here. Because reasons)

"Good bye, Mako!" She sped up her walking, a single tear flying from her eye as she left.


  • For the outfits, I was kinda thinking like the Magic Mike "It's Raining Men" outfits
  • Ummmm there's a joke about 4Minute being "Hyuna and her background dancers"
  • So Asami is Hyuna... O_o Then who is Psy-oppa...?

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