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Dragon Statue
Makluan Temple
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Western Fire Nation




Makluan Guardians

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Iron Man is Born

Makluan Temple was created by Axon-Karr during the last year of the era of Raava to hide the Makluan Rings from his father and save the galaxy from threat of the Makluan Empire.


After retreated to Earth in the last year of era of Raava, Axon-Karr uses the powers of Makluan Rings to created temple and guardians for them. He put all ten rings into mouth of Dragon Statue and created two guardians for the temple, named Melter at the top of front door of the temple and Grey Gargoyle inside the Dragon Statue's chamber. After finished the creation, he went into the hibernation pot and fell asleep for many thousands of years. Many thousands years later, the temple was discovered by a man name Shan-Yu. He defeated the guardians and took the Makluan Rings with him and become the villain known as Mandarin.


  • The temple was deep below in underground for many thousands of years.
  • The temple was guarded by two guardians.
  • It is the one of the oldest temple on Earth.

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