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Makluan Rings

All ten Makluan Rings in hands of Shan-Yu Siwang a.k.a Mandarin

Makluan Rings are the rings that created by the Makluan for their Overlord from the heart of very first star. The current user of them is Mandarin.


All ten Makluan Rings were created for the Makluan Overlord who is the ruler of Makluan Empire of Planet Maklu-4. They were created from the heart of very first star. After the creation, the Makluan gave them to their emperor and he use powers of all ten rings to enslaved, colonized and destroyed many countless of races and civilizations in the galaxy. In order to save the galaxy, Axon-Karr who is son of Makluan Overlord VI, stole the rings from his father and retreated to Earth in the last year of era of Raava and created the Makluan Temple and its guardians, Melter and Grey Gargoyle. He hid all ten rings in the mouth of a Dragon Statue in its chamber, and he fell asleep in his hibernation pot and the Makluan Temple sank deep beneath the ground, taking all ten rings with it. One thousand years later, it was discovered by a young man name Shan-Yu Siwang and he's wear it and become Mandarin.

Abilities of the Rings

  • Purple Ring: Allows Mandarin to teleport and manipulate energy for various purposes. Mandarin uses this ring most often.
    • Teleportation: The Mandarin can teleport himself and others anywhere he wants. His range of teleportation increases with the more rings he holds, even to other dimensions.
    • Vacuum Explosions: He can create explosive waves around himself. He can attack his opponents with pure force with this ring.
    • Force Fields: Mandarin can use force fields in battle. He can use them to shield himself from stronger attacks. They also reflect his opponents attacks against them. Mandarin can also project a localized field around a person, crushing him down to the ground.
  • Green Ring: It allows him to emit destructive blasts of energy.
    • Energy Blasts: When combined with the first ring, this allows Mandarin to project fiery orange blasts.
    • Lightning Generation: The Mandarin can generate strong lightning from this ring. He can generate lightning strong enough to cripple the Iron Man Armor.
  • Blue Ring: This has power over water.
    • Water Field: Creates a barrier-field of water around a target. The Mandarin can control this field however he wants either to crush the target or peel off any covering it has.
  • Red Ring: This ring gives the Mandarin the ability to control fire in any way he wishes.
  • Yellow Ring: This ring can control manipulate intense cold.
    • Ice Projection: This ring can generate intense cold to freeze his enemies.
  • Orange Ring: Has the ability to alter matter.
    • Acid Cloud: It can produce an acid cloud that is capable of eating through any material. This includes the Iron Man Armor.
  • Crimson Ring: This grants the Mandarin enhanced mental power.
    • Hypnosis: It can influence the minds of others to control them and cloud their memories. This ability is not absolute, as Tony Stark fought it and broke free of it.
    • Clairvoyance: All hidden knowledge can be accessed through this ring. It is how Shan-Yu found the Avengers Mansion when it was supposed to be secret for the villains.
    • Heightened Awareness: This gives the user advanced awareness of his surroundings, which is how Shan-Yu found Mei when she was in stealth mode.
    • Knowledge Transference: This ring can transfer knowledge from his mind to the targeted mind. It can be used to replay memories in another person's mind.
  • White Ring: Grants the power of wind to the Mandarin.
    • Wind Manipulation: Can start and stop strong winds and vortexes at any time.
    • Super Speed: Allows the Mandarin to move as fast as the wind.
  • Black Ring: Can control darkforce power. This ring is the strongest of all the ten rings.
    • Darkforce Manipulation: It can unleash powerful energy waves and erect barriers of darkforce. It also has the power to open portals to other worlds and dimensions. Its power is great enough to open wormholes and unleash chaos throughout the entire world.
  • Pink Ring: This is the final ring, when put together with the nine rings, it gives the Mandarin the ultimate power.
    • Life Manipulation: Grants the power of creation of life to an unknown extent. It is possible it can't bring back the dead. Most likely was used to create the Makluan Guardians, like Melter and Grey Gargoyle.


  • The Makluan Rings are the most powerful weapons in the galaxy.
  • They can make the wearer have powers of god-like.

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