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Makluan Empire
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Planet Maklu-4



The Makluan are a race of alien reptilies from the Planet Maklu-4. They're a race of conquerors and very much older than human civilization by many millions of years. They can live for thousands of years. They had a war with the Symbiote after they conquered the homeworld of the Symbiote.


Not much is known about the civilization of the Makluan but when they started to travel into space, they became the race of conquerors that enslaved and destroyed countless civilizations in the galaxy by using the Makluan Rings, created from the heart of the very first star, that are now in the hands of their emperor. In order to stop the chaos, his son named Axon-Karr, who is the crown prince of the Makluan Empire, stole the Makluan Rings from his father and retreated to Earth in the last year of the era of Raava in order to keep the galaxy safe from the threat of the Makluan Empire.


Advance Technology

Older than the human civilization by many millions of years, they have many advance technologies like Laser Guns, Laser Spears, Laser Swords and others like the battle robot called Ultimo.


The Makluan can read the minds of people and see inside of them and see who they really are.


  • Their civilization is older than human civilization by many millions of years.
  • They can read the minds of people.
  • The type of their empire is Warrior Empire.
  • Their religion is the Christianity of Catholic.

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